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..you guys think of the CD? I got mine today (from Amazon.com)...and my thoughts:

1. Eric Carmen & Co. did a great job putting this package together. Everything is A-1 from the cover, photographs, inside liner...and most importantly the music. It's a perfect little package of music from my favorite band of alltime. Thanks!!

2. Dave Smalley's voice is better than it was in 1973! I didn't think the studio version of "Should I Wait" could be topped...but the live version is better..

3. I've never appreciated Jim Bonfanti as much as I should've...he kicks the crud out of the drums on this CD!!

4. Jennifer Lee has a perfect female pop voice...she sounds more like the Raspberries than the Raspberries do...if that makes sense.

5. I like Wally's guitar playing on the live CD even better than back in the day. And his voice is still A-1. He's frickin still in his prime!

6. Eric Carmen is the best pop/rock songwriter of alltime...for my tastes.

7. I'm not a lemonade-brigader, but there is really nothing negative I can find about this CD.

8. At the Chicago concert, we were twice as loud as you California pussies.. wink

What'd you guys think?

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I don't think I appreciated each of the band separately before for their playing or their voices but I SURE DO NOW!! I love Dave's voice and don't get me started on Wally lol.... Jim is a great drummer, and Eric can still belt them out. Together these guys are INCREDIBLE.....please continue on with what you all do best ...... PLAY TOGETHER!!!!!

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Although I might be biased...I thought the second NYC show blew the LA set off the map. I can honestly say the NYC show had an energy both on and off stage which would probably be impossible to duplicate on CD. That being said, I agree with you James (along with the part about LA being wussies winkeek )...Dave & Jim's performances were superb. I kept saying to my table mates that I never knew what a great drummer Jim happened to be. Like athletes in many ways, musicians sometimes don't peak til later. Who knew they'd be THIS good at THIS age!

Of course Wally smoked and Eric was stellar. BTW, Wally & Paul Sidoti were fantastic interracting with us by their end of the stage. Really great guys!


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Everyone has his/her own favorites--no surprise! But "Sweet Baby James," you said it all quite perfectly--in both posts! If there is such a thing as "recording perfection on earth," RASPBERRIES LIVE ON SUNSET STRIP is it! We were up till 4 AM just listening in rapture! I understand why they took so long with the mix--it's exquisite to my ears. Eric, Mark and the rest of the band really raised the bar for the whole freakin' rest of the recording industry. The cd should win an award just for the mix, then win cd of the year for the astonishingly perfect performances! Believe me, important people in the industry WILL notice!!!

smile --Darlene

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