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Big ETV Update!


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Wow! Christmas comes early! Thanks, Bernie Claus!

I went right to the slow version of "IWBWY" (even though I have it taped) just to hear it again. One of my all-time favorite songs....

And that vintage performance of "Party's Over" really, really rocks.... (Who is is that British host introducing the band? He makes Don Kirschner seem charismatic....)

Anyway, that video prompted a question I had about "Party's Over" --- it was released as a single in 1974/75, right? What did Capitol do about Wally's use of the word "sh*t"? I'm assuming it got edited out, but what went into its place? Apologies if the answer is somewhere on EC.com or in the Marathon Man book.... I missed it....

Thanks again, Bernie! Great treats....

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Bernie, I just got finishes watching,

1) The Cyrus Erie - clip- Eric, you guys sound sounded like you are British, I loved The Who song-"Substitute".

2)The Mike Douglas Show -i noticed Mike only said, 'Raspberrie" without "The" good, no lip syncing in that song. great clip.

I'm telling you Eric, you guys do sound better now than you did back then, it's all because of the tech of new music instruments.

3) VH1-Hangin with - 2005, Eric and you guys great job on the song.

I didn't know Jim played the Bongos, I know what his favourite classic 70's bongos song is, "The Incredible Bongo Rock" I love that song too.

I watched the others earlier that were already on the ECTV, great videos, thank you so much Bernie for the early Christmas present.

I love all the videos.

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Well Hello, and the happiest of holidays to one and all!

I have been a very long time lurker and I was going to start posting in the New Year as one of my resolutions. Kind of shy so this is a stretch for me but you are all so wonderful, warm and caring that I do feel 'at home'.

Coming here each day is like going to Music Theory class!! You are all so very well educated, amazingly talented and oh so funny! I don't think a day goes by that I don't laugh and that's what life is all about, having fun! And can I just say our Professor Eric is the most handsome teacher ever! It never ceases to amaze me that he actually shares so much with us, it's a treasured gift I'm so thankful for every single day.

I have loved The Raspberries since the beginning, but Eric has always held a special place in my heart and life. The music that makes my mind fly, the voice that never fails to indescribably affect me, it's all so wonderful to find a place were it's all so alive and loved.

Sorry to have such a long intro but the real reason I'm here today and not waiting any longer is the magical gift from an amazing man named Bernie. I was actually on last night when the gifts appeared and I could not believe what I saw. They are all so wonderful, but when I saw the new Mike Douglas clip I actually had tears in my eyes. To have a CLEAN, CLEAR, AMAZING quality version of that is a dream come true for me. I so remember coming home from work that day and hoping I hadn't missed their performance (well before VHS!) and for some reason, although I'd seen and fell in love long before, THIS was such a touchstone for me. When Eric said they were at the Holiday Inn in Phily (about 45 mins away!) well I never wanted to go to a Holiday Inn so much in all my life! But to have Eric's actual audio on this clip, the interview AND the 2nd song…......well I'm just so utterly grateful. I can't begin to tell you.

Thank you again Bernie and to everyone here have a most wondrous holiday season. I have already!!



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Welcome to EC.COM! And thanks for the kind words :wub:

I usually don't say too much about such things, but since you're new and all—make sure you check EricCarmen.com tomorrow! Santa might have a present or two for you. But only if you've been "nice." He's got that pesky list, y'know!


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I'm glad you made that first post before the New Year! It was heartfelt and beautiful. It's great to welcome one who expresses what the music means to him/her so very well.

You'll find yourself spending lots of time here--it's a great place. Have fun and enjoy!

:) --Darlene

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