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Tonight You're Mine CD


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This question came to my mind when I saw Bernie's reference to his 24 bit version...oh, great IAA Bernie, Genius...maybe you can answer this for me. smile

I have two versions of the CD. One "label" shows Arista, with a 1980 date, on the left side and BMG/BVCM-7322/(74321-53493-2) on the right. Also, one of those awkward little "attachments" to the cover made a note that it is "20 bit K2 Super Coding".

The other only shows Arista sideways on the left. Number on the right shows as BVCA-2021, with a 1992 date attributed only to Arista and made in Japan.

So IAA Genius - can you tell me the differences between the two? Thanks...also thanks to anyone else who chimes in on this.

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That is interesting. If you look at pg. 343 of the Raspberries: Overnight Sensation book, the numbers on your CD do not match the one number shown in Eric's compilation. One of yours must have been the US release and the other possibly the Euro/Japan release. But, how many times has it been released? Do both CDs sound like the same mix?

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That's what is making me wonder about this whole thing, Mellie! smile I'll listen carefully to both and see what the mixes sound like...one was actually still sealed until I opened it to get more detail for this post. Both have markings on the liner to indicate an overseas release. And now I'm not sure how many times it has been released!

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