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Hands On You...That took a set of 'pills' to release.

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I can't think of a song that suggests 'the point' or gets to 'it' quite like 'Hands On You'. Now I know Eric DIDN'T write it...at least not according to the credits...BUT!!! It IS on the album. [starting Over] Can't quite get my head around the concept of a record company sitting back circa 1974 and not even batting an eye as that one slid past along the production line. Certainly there must have been some discussion amongst the 'boys in the band' and also with the 'powers that be' over that little ditty. I think it's a hoot. Simple yet wonderfully delivered. It's subtle-bawdy. Virtually an impossible mix...but accomplished nonetheless.

I guess the big question is...How did that one 'go over' at home Eric? Man...you guys are BRAVE.

[GREAT tune.]

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hands on you is just them having "fun" on a song and not worrying about critics tearing them apart..the beatles did it numerous times,and respect the berries for doing it on that lp...it DOES stick in your head after all..i loved it..it was a cool break on that release..well timed in the order of songs on it..lol,chris

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A quick question about this song I have had for years: at about 2'46" into the song, there is a mumbled, spoken line: something like "There are things that are real...". I have no idea what it is.

Can someone let me know what is said and who said it?

Maybe it's a backwards loop or something.



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