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Look what I Just Found !!


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Cool video! First time I saw it.

I also noticed several shots from the movie "American Graffiti". Just one of my fav movies (I saw it 84 times, of course I worked at the Beachcliff movie theatre at the time, LOL).

In Eric's video was the diner "Jimmy's" as in Jimmy Ienner (Jimmey's Ienner?)

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Kid Leo is one of the all-time radio personalities. Back in the days when dj's had some pull, Kid Leo was THE one who broke Springsteen in the Cleveland market in the early 1970's. I had the pleasure of interviewing him a few years ago, and he was extremely cordial.


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I've always loved this one, too ! And short or long, Eric's just got GREAT HAIR !! happy

Aren't the cars in this video just the coolest ???


The cars are very cool. My granddad has the same car(different color scheme ) in his garage that is in the video. I believe it is a 1957 Ford Thunderbird. When I was growing up, my parents were into restoring vintage cars from the 50's. I have an appreciation for them even now as an adult!

HT from Mo

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I have the , Ultimate Dirty Dancing"DVD, you can too. with the Dirty Dancing Concert, including Eric singing, three songs, with his long hair and fantastic voice performance.

Along with beautiful dancers, but, unfortunately, no fancy cars, I like that white one in that video on YOUTUBE.

I had to watch, Laura Branigans-"Self Control"

video also, love that song.

You can buy that Ultimate Dirty Dancing" DVD in stores, comes with a video to watch also, double bonus dvd, the best to own, yet.

Great for a Christmas present under the tree.

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