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Top 1000 Of All-Time!


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A local radio station here in Daytona is taking a survey of what people think are the 1000 best rock hits of all time... I thought with THAT many to choose from, GO ALL THE WAY just has to make that list somewhere... (there are Eric/Berry songs I like better... but this one stands the best chance of being noticed...)

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The Good and the Bad:

GATW made a huge hit on the WHOG 1000 greatest countdown, but I don't know exactly where!

On this past Monday, I was listening at work and the DJ's were commenting on the "strangest" of the 1000 and how some "guy from Holly Hill" had voted for GATW by the Raspberies... but that "I" was not the first vote for the song, the first vote actually came from ENGLAND!!! Then he menioned to his female counterpart that of all the 1000 classic rock hits on the list, GATW was the only one that had NEVER BEEN PLAYED on WHOG! At this time they were up to #305 or so... and Eric and the boys still were not played! So... somewhere between then and #1 we hit... but somehow I missed it and to date the station has not published a list!!!

Anyway, great job to all who joined in... I'll be interested to see if some 'berries can now be heard on that station, since their specialty is "Classic Rock"...

Paul :rolleyes:

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