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That's Rock and Roll 1976 video

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I love the fantastic live video clips that have been posted. However, I have a question about this comment on the 1976 Don Kirschner video:

Perhaps overtly intended to bury Shaun's limp recording of the rocker once and for all, this live performance from The Midnight Special shows off Eric's ability to continue to "rock out" on demand. And "rock out" he does!

Shaun Cassady's version did not chart until July of 1977. Assuming this video was from 1976, I don't think Eric was trying to "bury" a cover version that hadn't happened yet.

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Greetings Moose.

I did a double take when I read that as well, because I thought I remembered Eric stating back then that he specifically did not release That's Rock & Roll because it was too reminiscent of his Raspberries sound and he wanted a different style to open his solo career.

I started wondering if my memory was playing tricks on me, but after your post I got to thinking that I might have been right. Another story I "sort of remember" had Shaun somehow "hijacking" the song as the follow-up, something about his brother David Cassidy hearing Eric work on it and thinking it'd be a great song for him...

Maybe Eric can clarify some of these memories? laugh

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