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Big announcement!


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Yep. Make sure you check the web site tomorrow! All of the details of Raspberries TONIGHT! -- an exciting NEW full-color book commemorating the Raspberries reunion -- will be revealed.

For those of you lucky enough to have purchased one of the limited edition copies of ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN you already know how much quality we can pack into a limited edition book! :-) Making a book is a VERY EXPENSIVE endeavor. Making a quality book is an even MORE expensive endeavor. Making a book that satisfies both Ken Sharp and I, well, that's another level all together. And to afford self-publishing a quality book we need a pre-sale. Or the kids go to Community College :-) So, tomorrow you'll not only hear all of the juicy, delicious details on the new book, but you'll be faced with the chance to be one of the LUCKY FEW to get your hands on the LIMITED PLATINUM "Ultimate Fan Pack" EDITION. It includes all sorts of goodies including something that even *I* can't believe! Let's put it this way, even if you were invited to spend the weekend at Eric or Wally's house you still couldn't get what will be offered in the PLATINUM "Ultimate Fan Pack" EDITION of Raspberries TONIGHT!

So get ready. And GET EXCITED! Tomorrow the book. Saturday the show. Whatta weekend!


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Bernie...PLEASE give me a tiny hint on when this book pre-sale will occur...BECAUSE I'm an elementary teacher and must work tomorrow all day, then...around 2:30p.m. we are driving to AC. SO....I'm already panicking that I won't be able to get the book or have a chance at the FAN PACK. THANKS!!


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Hey Bernie - Mark me down for your first pre-sale. I'll take a "Limited Platinum Ultimate Fan Pack Edition" - sight or details unseen. I just couldn't stand it if your kids had to suffer through kommunity kollege (eevin though it hadd know negetiv affect on me!).


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