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Raspberries Album Release Radio Special Tonight

Don H

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Hi Everybody.....Just a reminder to let you know this Saturday night on Classic Rock Memories we will be presenting our Raspberries Album Release Special from 5:00 PM-7:00 PM (EST)

We will be concluding our interview with Wally Bryson, and playing all of the tunes you want to hear, so please be sure to give us a call live at (609) 398-1020, to request a song or share a Raspberries memory.

We hope to have some surprises for you, too....so please tune in. You can listen worldwide at www.WIBG.com just click on "LIsten Live" and you are there.

Thanks...hope you can make it with us!

Don Hurley

Host Classic Rock Memories

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I can't get in frown I have been trying since 3:45 p.m. i'ts now 5 minutes away. My friend also cannot get in and she's in Texas - it just won't link to a live feed. Someone tell me how it was please - I'm going to go and cry now. LOL

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I went to see Kiss in 2001 (yes I know). I went to 3 cities in Australia and saw 6 shows. I got to be in the front row 3 of the 6 shows and met them in the hotel and at a mall in Sydney. It was worth it - took me 22 years to meet Ace and when he held my hand and said "you were in the front row" I was speechless. I'd love just to see the Raspberries once, even if I am in the last row of the venue! I hope I don't have to travel all that way just to hear the Raspberries live though lol.

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