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Chicago Roll Call


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You can count on my wife and I in Chicago as well. We are thrilled to be completing Raspberries reunion concert "Threepeate", "Triple Crown", "Hat Trick"...or whatever else describes great things that come in sets of three.


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We are getting super pumped up here in Minnesota. NYE was so great and my anticipation for Chicago has even been raised a notch. This band is blessed by having so many folks that love and care about them. In return, we get to witness the best live act out on the road today! Again, thanks to all that have made this a reality. Saturday is right around the corner.

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Jennifer & Ted,

Thanks for the warm welcome to the site!

Ted, I'll be on the 7:00 AM flight. Figure I'll take the first train to the HOB area and find something to do to kill time until the doors open. Man, I'm looking forward to this.

On another note, anyone who was at the Cleveland show(s), how has Eric's voice held up over the years?

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Jason welcome. We may be small in numbers, but I'd challenge anyone to find a group of fans who are more passionate and devoted to a band as the people on this Message Board are to the Raspberries. It all starts from the top, and we've got a great teacher in Bernie. Looking forward to seeing/meeting you at the show.

By the way, yesterday I spoke with another 'newbie', Anne Marie, who is also flying in from Orlando with a friend. The Florida contingent of Raspberries fans is getting larger. I believe Anne Marie is arriving tomorrow.


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I had some bad news. My girlfriend cancelled on me Tues. & my car is in the shop. One of my other friends said she would go, so I am still hoping to be there. Taxi's are a bit high, but I think if I have to, I will take one. I don't want to miss seeing the Raspberries after 32 yrs. My husband does not want to go. A girl has got to do what a girl has got to do!!!

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Dave, I'm afraid I'll be on the board to keep you company. Herman and I won't be able to go to Chicago. I can't explain right now, but I'm very disappointed, to say the least. I wish everyone a wonderful time. I'll have to wait until Spring. Everyone has been doing a wonderful job promoting all things Raspberries. I've been distracted these days, because there are some undercurrents with my job right now that are making me VERY unhappy. Safe trip, everyone. Meanwhile, I'll be playing violin along with Rach. Symphony #2...

Give the guys my best, and everyone else, especially Kim Havrilla and Kay...Above all, HAVE FUN!!!!!

frown --Darlene

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We sure will MISS you, Darlene, Herman and Dave, and everyone else who can't make this trip..I was looking forward to seeing you all again..( who's gonna grab my hands and jump up and down with me when the band starts playing one of our favorites, Darlene ?) spinspin

Linda...I've traveled to both previous concerts by myself..once you meet the "crowd", you'll feel just like family ! If you end up having to come alone, just look me up! I'll be wearing my Raspberry Ribbon. Marlene happy

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It has to do with my music supervisor. A three-year problem came to the boiling point and spilled over this week. I've been very distracted by it and have been a delinquent 'Berries fan. I think the action I finally took today may clear the air. The music supervisor is the problem, and although leaving that supervisor would be best for me, doing so would break the hearts of my children, and mine, because I would miss them. All my principals, fellow teachers, parents, board of education and children love me. He hates me, demeans me, screams at me in front of the world and makes veiled threats. I think things will get better after what I did today. Anyone who can wish Raspberries back together can overcome ANYTHING!...See you all at the next show! Have a great time!!!!!!

smile --Love, Darlene

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Since some are heading out Friday, this will be the final re-posting of the list. Safe travels, everyone!

Count: 56

Bernie and Kathy

Ken Sharp

Jeff (Poor4LIfe) & buddy

Phil (Sterling) & daughter

Laura & sister




Jeff Harris

Mr. Dude & Mrs. D

Hosskratz & Mrs. H

Greg (Razzfan)

Gina (hungryeyes)

Julie (Smittie) & sister

Tim from Wisconsin



John (oldblue)

Jennifer (aggiesjc)

Baby sister



Michele (Razzmichi)


hcallaly & friend


skip from st. paul mn & friend





Susana & friend


Paul's agent


Ted (mannoman)


Linda (Linylee) & hubby

Al (mrch)

Keith Nivan


KC & Mrs. C

Stacey (lacoste1)

Whoever gets backstage first, be sure to ask Jennifer Lee if she got "Sugar" something nice for the latter's birthday on Saturday......... wink
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