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Chicago Roll Call


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I just sent a great letter to Oldies1150 CKOC, here in Hamilton,Ontario

Letting them know about Raspberries, their music reunion and the Chicago tour on the 15th.

They played alot of Raspberries tunes right until

they flew off the charts.

I requested for the site to be up on the links of many great 60's rock N roll singers, such as, The Beach Boys, Andy Kim, The Monkees, The Stampeders,

And many more, www.oldies1150.com click after, LINKS then you will see a list of great stars.it will take you on their site directly.

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Count me in guys!

Since I'd gone to the first two (Thanksgiving and New Year's)--I was a bit unsure about going to the Chicago show. But I can't deny the joy Raspberries give me--so I finally made up mind: I'm going for the joy!

Marv and I have put our differences behind us--and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else attending as well!


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Unfortunately, my hubby (Wallytosa) and I will not be attending. We just couldn't work it out this time. I'm sure it will be a great concert once again! We hope you all have the best time. At least we still have the first concert in November that we attended to cherish. Hopefully, this won't be their last one and we will attend another one, somewhere, sometime. Have fun. We'll be there in spirit and thinking of you all.

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Hello Everyone... Count me in for Chicago!

I can't believe I actually have a chance to see the Raspberries!

I'm flying in from Florida.. hope there aren't any weather problems or other flight snafus.

I didn't hear about the Cleveland shows until they were over- too bad as I was in Detroit over the holidays. It would have been an easy drive to Cleveland.

I'm looking forward to meeting other Berries fans. I don't have a button or ribbon or anything, but I'll have to figure something out.

Can't wait til Saturday!

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