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Songs That Shouda Been Hits

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We all know that several of Eric's songs were released as singles but did not climb the charts like they should have. "Boats Against The Current" immediately leaps to mind.

My question, though, is what song do you think would have been a hit if it had been released as a single but wasn't?

I welcome opinions on both Eric's solo career and his Raspberries work as well. And I especially hope that our newest member gives us his perspective on the question as well!

My picks:

Eric as a solo artist: American As Apple Pie - From the first time I heard that song I felt like Geffen should release it. In fact, it is the only time I have ever sat down and wrote a record company; pleading with them to make it the next single. I was in the Navy at the time and all the guys in my division loved the song (I played it a lot on my desk-top cassette player!)

Raspberries - All Through The Night - - Again, a song that caught me from the moment I first heard it. Seriously great music and tune and lyrics with a great edge and bite to them. That single would have gone a long way toward finally and permanently shaking the "teen idol" image. Just a couple of years later Lynyrd Skynyrd scored with a song that was similar in style and content with "What's Your Name?". Raspberries, as seems to have often been the case, were just a bit ahead of their time...

I yield the floor to my esteemed fellow members.

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"American As Apple Pie" is a really cool song. But I know the backlash of a Couger-Mellencamp sounding "ripoff" would have surfaced.

Eric has often paid homage to a style of music and made it better with superior songwriting. But you always get ripped by some if you sound similar to a popular artist that came before you.

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Hosskratz and Ted, I agree that given those two choices, I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine would have been a more likely hit. I like it as it is a much more romantic song and still has some punch.

Play On though, in my mind, would have been the logical follow up to the success of (Hit Record) and would have still given the public a taste of a different lead vocalist than Eric. With both songs being Carmen/McCarl collaborations, either would have added the cohesion that the group that had seemingly lost with the line-up change following Side 3.

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I'm glad someone mentioned "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine." That would've been a hit if someone would have released it as a single. That is the only song I wish they would have done on the reunion tour that they didn't.

Boats Against, and It Hurts Too Much should have been hits...big hits.

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Good topic... It's tough to select one, so I'll cheat (but at least I'll rank 'em). Singles that should have been....

EC Solo

1. "Love Is All That Matters" -- for that memorable melody

2. "Desperate Fools"

3. "Lost in the Shuffle" -- I had my college radio station playing it all the time, and it sounded great


1. "Cruisin' Music" -- good summertime song.

2. "If You Change Your Mind"

3. "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine"

PS: And if the Eagles had all those '70s hits, Dave's "Should I Wait" certainly had merit. I thought he out-Eagled Frey and Henley on that one.

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LC, I agree with you on the quality of "Should I Wait". Had Capitol released that song, I think that a) Dave & Jim are less likely to leave the band and B) the general public see the Raspberries as equal to or superior to the Eagles !

Craig, "It Hurts Too Much" was released as a single... which shows just how far under the radar it flew...

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