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Chambord and Ice Cream

Billy K.

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Been some great warm weather here, and great ice cream weather...and I am not only a fan of the Raspberries, musically, but of the culinary variety as well...

There is this French raspberry liqueur called Chambord...with some of this stuff and some raspberries on some ice cream...sounds good right about now!!

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Hungryeyes, haven't tried one of those yet, but I certainly understand your point. Orange flavored vodka is no direct substitute for Grand Marnier or Sabra or Curacao...flavored is, well, just some flavoring, and that's about it.

Interesting(and cool)coincidence, and I forgot about this...my given surname, translated literally into English, means "the berry pickers"...

Chambord is also great on pancakes, too. Especially flambe'd...

Matthew, I can understand you not wanting the seeds...everyone is entitled to their own personal tastes...mine happens to be the opposite...

I personally prefer having the seeds in there as it gives it some "character". My personal leanings go towards "jam" or "preserves" as opposed to "jelly".

If I get a P.B.J. sandwich, and if the jam/jelly is Blueberry or Grape, then I have to have CHUNKY peanut butter to make up for the lack of seeds. But that's the way I am.

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Laura, sounds good...first time I ever heard of it....will have to try it...

Also, the breweries(is that what you call them?) that make cider, are doing the raspberry thing, as well as other fruits, besides the traditional apple.

Wyder's (I think they are Canadian) make raspberry cider. But I don't think Martinelli's (who make a champagne-quality, non-alcoholic cider) have come up with any raspberry drinks yet.

And lambics are picking some popularity here on the West Coast...lambics, for those who are not familiar with them, are made by trappist monks in Belgium. They are ales infused with fruit.

But to really call lambics "ale" is sort of a misnomer, as they have more of the fruit taste and can't really taste the ale...just as Arizona iced tea should really be called "punch" instead of "tea".

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