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A Little "Country" Reference

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I admit it. When I'm driving I find myself listening to country music more and more...

Currently at # 6 on the Billboard Country Music chart is "Tonight I Wanna Cry" by Nicole Kidman's current beau, Keith Urban

The second verse opens with these words:

would it help if i turned a sad song on

"all by myself" would sure hit me hard now that you're gone

Just thought it was a neat reference to our favorite guys' work! cool

Tonight I Wanna Cry Lyrics

Here's a link to the entire lyrics. Oh yeah, the song is a piano based ballad... just like you know who...


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I have listened to "Tonight I Want to Cry" many times and never gave a thought about that lyric relating to Eric's song. It's a cool observation!

As an aside, Mrs. C and I saw Keith Urban last night in Chicago. This was our 3rd Keith Urban concert since September and I can honestly say we haven't been disappointed once. Richard Marx co-wrote his song "Better Life" and came out to do this song with Keith as an encore. If you like his music, I strongly suggest you see him in concert. You will be highly entertained!

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