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I signed up on Friday on the HOB to get to have access to presale of tickets. They just went on sale at noon. I was able to get 4 VIP Tickets:

Balcony Center Rows A-C. This is the great part!!!! They include a Meet & Greet!!!! After I went through the check out process and back to sale screen ...less than 5 minutes...those tickets were no longer available. I guess I don't know the exact seats until they send out the tickets. Those looked like the best even though they're in the balcony. The others included center with rows behind that, and the side and then general admission. I'd like to be on the floor, not in the balcony, but like I said these seemed to be the preferred seats. Good luck to all of you!!!!

Gord...I will save you a stub and pick up a t-shirt if they have any. I wrote down your address and will confirm it when the time comes.

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Jim Bonfanti checked out the club and told me that the view from the balcony was "OUTSTANDING" and that, in his words, "it is the place to be!" That's why they combined those seats with the "meet and greet." I figure if you really have the desire to catch some of Wally's sweat you can battle the crowds on the floor -- but with the meet and greet, how much closer can you get to the guys?


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