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Bob Lefsetz L.A. Show Review


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Billboards old Top 40 was a combination of sales and airplay...now they have two seperate measuring systems.

Airplay was basically if your station added the song to their playlist or not, and where they were charting locally. Each week, Billboard had reporting stations who would report which records were added or which were dropped. You'd also report your biggest movers based upon listenership. In todays radio with "Queer Channel" and others, the playlists are really decided by coroporate, in QC case, Houston Texas.

In Raspberry days, actual sales figures always lagged behind airplay because the sales were tabulated so slowly. Plus, if your record company printed, let's say, 100,000 copies, those were considered sales...much like books. Soundscan and much more sales tracking have changed the game totally.

(after writing this, it's no wonder I got out of radio!!!)

by the way, welcome and nice review CaliforniaDoll! :)

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Mamacote and Jimmy, Thanks.... I was being a little bit ironic with that "sinister" comment, even though it didn't help my own argument! But yeah, I remember when Soundscan came along (wasn't it in the 1980s?) and made hit-tracking less "political," as it were....

Nice review, CalDoll!

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Welcome, CaliforniaDoll! A hundred welcomes to you as we roll out the red carpet for you! How cool indeed that the band thought you were too young to know who they were!

But it IS the music (and the talent and energy of the band themselves) who really bring the songs to life. Raspberries music has been my special way to get through life's disappointments, and has helped me celebrate the high points with panache. Age doesn't factor into it. Those who are moved by great music love Raspberries and EC music.

And now, so do you! And your boyfriend has GREAT musical taste as well! Many of us have waited over 30 YEARS to see the band again, and others finally had their fondest wish come true by seeing Raspberries for the first time (including our host and webmaster, Raspbernie!) How great that you and your boyfriend got to see them live in California!

:) --Darlene

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Way back when The Beach Boys did "The Little Girl I Once Knew" AM Radio freaked at it's unique sound-BUT- it's greatest sin was how it faded out and came back.Program Directors quaked in fear at the specter of silence on the airwaves and OH NOOO!-people tuning out.I LOVE "Overnite Sensation" but as an old guy I really remember how it's length,unique structure,and OH NOOO!- fade to dead air and return scared many ridiculous Top 40 stations away!Popular Radio has never tired of underestimating the public.

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Hi, my name is Cathy. My sister and I went to our very first Raspberries concert ever at the LA House of Blues on Friday, Oct 21.

I have been a fan of Eric's since I was 12, when Eric's first solo LP came out -- and after a little research of Eric's music, I discovered the Raspberries. Wow!

Oct 21, Friday afternoon, work was just crazy and everything that could happen, happened. It seemd like it was going to be impossible to get away. My husband ended up staying behind to finish the work and told me to just go to LA for my chance-in-a-lifetime to make my dream come true. And it did.

The Meet and Greet was beyond my expectations. Got to hug everyone in the band -- and Eric, Jim, Wally and Dave, and Jeff (or Al?) and Gene were all soooo doggone nice to us. :)

We were new to this whole thing and not toally sure what we were supposed to do, but there were so many fans that just opened their arms to us -- Carol and Brad from Manteca, Marlene from Colorado, the nice couple from Orange who told us wonderful stories. It was fun meeting Gina who made incredible goodies which she handed out, the lady from England who made international trips to attend concert, the genius Bernie, Jennifer C, etc. Everyone made this experience just fantastic. :)

The concert was really incredible! I was 12 again, singing and rockin' to all the songs. The music was great -- but it was the people -- the band and fans -- that made this experience just so unforgettable.

Hard to describe how I felt, but the word "Ecstacy" comes to mind.

Still on Cloud Nine... :)


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I'm so happy to see you registered. It was an amazing show and meeting and chatting with you and your sister was so much fun. Welcome to the board, I know you'll love it ...there are lots of wonderful Raspberries fans here who are up on that "Cloud 9" right along with you!!

Hi Marlene,

It was a pleasure meeting you. You are such an angel. You made us "Fresh" newbies -- my sister and I --feel right at home.

Cathy :)

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I just got back from LA last night....what a great show it was last Friday! The longest of the 4 I've seen (2 in NYC and the Atlantic City show), and with the least covers. Great to see the band AND you guys again!

The other Rock & Roll highlight of my trip out West - seeing the graves of Dee Dee and Johnny Ramone at Hollywood Forever......(although, dammit, they belong in NYC, not LA!!!!!!!!)

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