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The upside of "All By Myself"

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Up late doing my taxes online, and then it suddenly hits me...

What if Eric was just getting out of a bad relationship or marriage when he wrote his biggest hit? Would “All By Myself†have been such a sad place to be?

“All By Myself, Pleaseâ€

(take note of the care in syllable matching)

When I was young,

Guess I was having too much fun.

They said I had to find someone.

That’s how it’s done.

Marriage, you see,

The wife emasculated me.

So for the sake of sanity,

I must get free.

All by myself,

I want to be,

All by myself,

Once again.

All by myself,

I’m gonna live,

All by myself,

Once again.

Hard to be sure,

If my own manhood’s still secure.

She thinks my soul belongs to her,

I don’t concur.

All by myself…

(Bonus verse)

Living alone,

Is just a dream I used to own.

The price of freedom will be known,

She gets the home… mad

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