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How Come Eric Snubs the Message Board?

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Michelle, there are no nurses in short little dresses. That's why men invented them and put them in porn videos. But what you are doing is so valuable to your patients. It's a thankless, miserable job, but if you weren't there to comfort them, many of them would just be desolate, because I saw so many who don't have any families to come visit, or their families don't care enough to come.

Don't worry about publishing--you have been published and you can get published anytime. Being a prof is also very important. As a writer, you can sometime use all that pent-up frustration to write something really great. I know you will, when you find the time.

smile --Darlene

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Tony--You're going to have to fly solo as I worked all weekend. Dude, you missed the part in the movie because of excess body hair? And all this time I thought you were running around in a gorilla suit! Any chance of getting you back into that sandwich board again? Kirk.

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This board represents a great communication tool, and I wouldn't leap to the wordw "snub" because Eric doesn't personally post.

I know he reads it so it's a great way to stay connected to his fans. Imagine if an Eric Carmen board didn't exist anywhere how much further removed he, or anyone would be.

The Ask Eric feature is a great way for him to respond in detail to the most popular and/or interesting questions.

Over time responding to all individual posters can also become pretty repetitive. ("Hey Eric, I'm new to the site, are the Raspberries getting together ever again")

I'm sure the dialogue on the board has in some way even impacted the book coming out.

The board, as is, is the best thing out there and sure beats the alternative.

Seattle Steve

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Still, ya gotta admit, it would be nice to hear every now and then that he knows we're here, and knows what we are thinking and saying.

I know a lot of famous musicians have web sites where they talk about their lives, what's coming up, etc. Even if Eric had a 'blog' where he talked about what's new in his life. He wouldn't have to respond to questions - but we'd still know what's going on, if he's ever going to write any new music, etc. Get an inside look into his mind. If Fred Durst crazy can do it, can't Eric?


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Well, even though he's a celebrity, Eric IS human. I'm sure he has his reasons for not interacting with us on the message board, and i think he's entitled to make that decision. One thing's for sure, all our speculation isn't going to come up with the answer. Let's just continue having a good time. happy

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Maybe trashing Eric about his lack of participation IS our idea of having a good time.

Let's see...Eric, You are so out of touch, you'd probably let Michael Jackson babysit your kids.(rimshot)

Eric, You are so out of touch, you'd probably go target shooting with Phil Spector. (bada-bing)

Thank you, thank you...I'll be here all week...Don't forget to tip your waitress...

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I wouldn't call all of Eric's communications to us through Bernie snubbing the message board. That's a much more fair way to do it than responding to every little crack and comment. As wonderful as we all are, the board gets too banal and trite for all of us, let alone Eric. I think he's doing just fine...and I like to think that he's spending his time writing music instead of posting on the message board.

smile --Lemonade Girl

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Oh, Cartmill, my Cartmill! A jug of lemonade, a loaf of bread, and Thou...Read my thoughts on WD--it's not all lemonade from me this time. I just get impatient because our favorite artist has so much to give. But, while I'm marking time waiting, I can still bust your chops... smile


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