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"All By Myself"


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Almost in line with the talented Il Divo, I need to ask this (maybe a repeat from the past):

I have a vague memory of the Brady Bunch becoming a variety show in the U.S. after the sitcom was cancelled (which would be ! 1975 or so). They were still the Brady Bunch, but also sang and did skits.

In one episode, Greg Brady moved out of the house. Soon after, he was singing 'All By Myself' in his new apratment, which then turned into a duet with Mrs. Brady on a split screen.

Can someone please tell me that my memory is correct? And if it is, has anyone got a copy?


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Now that someone also remembered it, I did a search and found this from an episode summary:

"Henderson and Williams sang a tandem, she singing "Traces" and he singing Eric Carmen's "All By Myself." It was easily the most poignant moment in this series."

Would anyone like to bet whether or not Bernie has both this video clip and the song? Maybe it could be the '06 Christmas present.

Or maybe not.

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I don't remember seeing the Brady Bunch sketch, but I do remember seeing one on the Donny and Marie show (horrors! Please know, I watched it only to make fun of it) in which Donny was shown walking through a set designed to look like a park, singing ABM, when all of a sudden people showed up out of nowhere and began setting up activities around him, all while ignoring him entirely--hitting him on the head with a volleyball, etc.

I also remember seeing Bert Convy sing the song on the Tonight Show once. Not to mention all the times Merv Griffin sang it.

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More good news for Eric's signature song:

- - - -





Debuts On DVD March 21st

R&B superstar Teddy Pendergrass was so hot during his 1979 tour, fans feared the stage might melt beneath him. Shout! Factory announces the release of Teddy! Live in ’79, a sizzling live performance DVD featuring Pendergrass in his scorching prime. Filmed at The Sahara Hotel in Lake Tahoe, California, Teddy! Live in ’79 contains performances of hits from his first two solo albums, Teddy Pendergrass and Life Is A Song Worth Singing, as well as a medley of his chart toppers as lead singer for Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. As a bonus feature, the DVD also contains an in-depth interview with Pendergrass recorded in 2002. Available on March 21st, Teddy! Live in ’79 is the first live performance DVD from this pinnacle, magic time in the sexy superstar’s career.

In Teddy! Live in ’79, Pendergrass raises temperatures sauntering and swaying in his spotless white suite, complete with gold medallions. Needless to say, he entertains in front of a most enthusiastic audience. Women, especially, can hardly contain themselves as Pendergrass makes his way through “Life Is A Song Worth Singing,” “Only You,” and his first #1 single, “Close The Door.” Pendergrass pays tribute to his former group Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes with a medley including “If You Don’t Know Me By Now,” “The Love I Lost,” #1 disco single “Bad Luck,” and “Wake Up Everybody.”

Pendergrass also performs a soulful version of Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself,” which has previously never been released.

Pendergrass, who became wheelchair bound after an automobile accident in 1982, has four platinum and nine gold certified albums.


1. Life Is A Song Worth Singing

2. Only You

3. All By Myself

4. Medley:

If You Don’t Know Me By Now

The Love I Lost

Bad Luck

Wake Up Everybody

5. Easy, Easy, Got To Take It Easy

6. Close The Door

7. When Somebody Loves You Back

8. Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose

- - - -


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Darlene, you have nobody to blame but yourself (and my brain) for this. Be careful what you ask for...

NOT from the desk of Eric Carmen-

All By Ourselves- as done by the Raspberries-

When we were young

We never needed anyone

And makin’ music was just for fun

Those days are done

Singin’ alone

I think of all the groups I’ve known

Now the ‘berries are comin’ home

Nobody’s gone

All by ourselves

Don’t wanna sing

All by ourselves anymore (thanks Billy, Paul, Jennifer)

All by ourselves

Don’t wanna gig

All by ourselves anymore (thanks roadies, crew, fans)

Hard to be sure

Might be a record in the works

Maybe a song or dvd

And I’ll be cured

Kirk Smith

Let the bidding start at 1000 pesos wink

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