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Eric On Podcast

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Very cool show & interview. I had one of those thoughtful moments when Eric was asked about the possibility of appearing at Bernie's annual party. I'm sure that everyone who has attended (and I haven't) has secretly or not so secretly had the wsih that Eric might make a surprise appearance. At first, your thoughts might be "What is there to be uncomfortable about?" but I'm not sure I wouldn't feel the same way. I used to dream occasionally, when I was young, of how neat it would be to be a great baseball star and be adored by so many people and hold press conferences, and interviews, and magazine articles written about you, and so on, and so on. But when it really happens, I'm sure that there IS an uncomfortable feeling being amongst a crowd of fans that might look upon you as something more than human. I'm sure it's a little creepy. Sometimes, probably most times it's neat to just feel like one of the crowd, with no more or no less attention paid to you. So, I guess what I'm saying is that I can understand.

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I think it would be totally cool for Eric to appear at Bernies. Eric must know that we fans are not "weird" and we are an understanding bunch and we just want to talk, share and let him know how much his music has meant to us. I don't think Eric needs to feel creepy with us. He must know that we are not demanding or pushy.

I think Eric has a good handle on his fans.

Happy Memorial Day to all!


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