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HoB site has NYE listing, finally!


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A good idea might be to try to find an actual Ticketmaster outlet down there. Think about it: everybody will be trying to get their tickets online or over the phone (and pay a ridiculous amount in "service fees"). When tickets for the last show went on sale I went out to a Ticketmaster outlet and bought mine and, this is the best part, I was the ONLY one there for Raspberries tickets! Being first in line didn't hurt either! smile

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Well I can't believe that I'm saying this, but, I MIGHT be coming to the show. Right now I'm trying to find an affordable/reasonable air fare. I'm going to hold out as long as possible and therefore won't buy a ticket to the show until I can get a good air fare. This being the case, if there's anyone out there who ends up with an extra ticket and can wait until the week of the show (or possibly earlier) to sell it, I'll take it!


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