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The Pursuit Of Happiness

John P

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One of my favorite and overlooked bands is the Canadian power pop group The Pursuit Of Happiness. The singer and leader of the band Moe Berg was influenced by The Raspberries. Any fans of power pop bands I highly recommend you check them out. The web page for the band is TPOH.net. John

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TPoH disappeared from the Canadian music scene after that second album. Mo Berg's lyrical stance reminded me a lot of Doug Fieger - if you know what I mean.


" Ooooh my little pretty one...my pretty one......when ya gonna give me some time Sharona!"

That naughty Mr.Fieger. Actually this kind of lyrical stance is classic rock n roll. Sweet Little Sizteen, Little Queenie....heck even Lennon and McCartney sang " well she was just 17...you know what I mean" when they were in their early 20's.

Fieger push it as far as he could go with "Baby Talks Dirty" and its teenage, sado-masochistic, lesbian, a@al sex theme.

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