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Sound enhancement for BBK s


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Soundman: Dennis "The Fly" Ferrante" at the Waukesha Taste of Summer Concert! That explains the BEST SOUNDING Outdoor Gig I've attended in many years!

Thanks for the Info. What a PRO "The Fly" is!


Roadie #3 wrote: Dennis "The Fly" Ferrante mixed the sound at the "Taste of Summer" in Waukesha, WI. Dennis is the former engineer on the Raspberries albums and he knows the sound.

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Beware of BB King's. The place is NOTORIOUS for its horrible sound and tech problems. The last two shows I saw there earlier this year (John Waite & Willy DeVille) both had to be stopped several times because of technical difficulties. And both times the artists were very, very pissed off. Destroyed any momentum they had. Hope it's different this weekend.

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the problem with setting up based on room acoustics before a show...acoustics are never a constant...between an empty room...and a room full of screaming fans...the differential between these two states could be radically different in some venues...leading to unexpected sound quality.

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