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An "Eric Carmen Toy?"


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Lydia, A thousand welcomes to you! We may seem like a "tight-knit group," but outside of the few people who attended "Weekend at Bernie's I" last summer, NONE OF US HAVE EVER MET!!!!

And ALL of us were "lurkers" at the beginning, or at one time or another.

Our ultimate goal is to convert EVERY lurker into one of our "tight-knit group." Once you've come out of the shadows, you're IN! EVERY opinion is important, and EVERY one of us respects every other one of us! It's that simple. We're as pleased when we get a new person on the board as people are to get a new member of a family.


The only way we get to "know" each other really is by our posts. And we never dump on anyone, no matter what they say. We may respectfully disagree (for example, Marvin HATES the Winter Dreams CD--just ABHORS it! Some of us occasionally vex him by referring to that fact, but because he's an EC fan (or he wouldn't be here), we love Marvin just as much as if he sang WD's praises. Actually, he's getting more lukewarm in his dislike of it, or at least more tolerant of those of us who love it....!) So, ANY opinion you have is valid. And we'll love you anyway...WELCOME and enjoy this magnificent brain child and legacy of Raspbernie!!

Love, Darlene

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Lydia, welcome! I too am a newbie, having been here just several weeks myself... this is a great group, for sure! Like you, I lurked for a good long while, and I am thrilled that I jumped right in too. I love the close-knit feeling here, and I look forward to checking the boards as often as I can. :)

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Lydia - So glad you like the idea of the piano jewelry music box. Glad it inspired you to post.

I agree, "Love Is All That Matters" would be a great song for it to play. I think I would like it to play a medley of songs. It is nice to see that you are posting now :)

Hey Eric, if you are reading this, what do you think about designing something like this for your fans?

:heartpump: I Know :heartpump: I know

Well, a girl can dream....right?


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Betsey, I definitely like the music box idea too! That has real potential.. I was being fun and cheesy with my EC Toy suggestions, heehee. But, the music box idea is wonderful! I have a small collection of music boxes, and I think an EC music box would be so cool! :spin:

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