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Happy Birthday, Eric!

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Eric, it's that time once again to share this moment with loved ones and friends. Have a great birthday doing what you love. I hope everyone on the board has contributed a little to your happiness (or at least made you laugh)! It's a small way to say 'thanks' for all the great music. Take care, Kirk.

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Eric, A supremely gifted musician once wrote "Dreams are forever and some things you never forget." Your brilliant music and vision of what things musical should be gave us dreams to dream forever, and we'll NEVER forget...

May your birthday and the coming year bring you all you've ever dreamed and more, and a year of creativity and rewards beyond your WILDEST dreams.

Happy Birthday.

Darlene and Herman Brandt

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Happy Birthday to an extraordinary performer and an amazing wordsmith and melody writer,

Boats Against the Current

Never Gonna Fall in Love Again

Im Through With Love

Marathon Man

She Remembered

Love is All That Matters(I do heartily agree with you here )

These are just a small sample of your Creations which have helped sustain me in my time of need



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Hello Eric,


Hope you enjoy your day with family and friends

You know......I received a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday.....kinda felt like it was my birthday


Thank You

Best To You ......Always

Gina and Anthony

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Another Birthday Eric, wink and another chance for me to try to tell you, just how much your music has meant to me, over all these years! Yes it's been a while, but I don't know what I would have done without you. Your voice, words, and music are a wonderful, wonderful gift. I am so lucky to have found your music. Thanks so much for the music Eric and putting it out there so your fans can hear it. I hope you have a Very Happy and Funny Birthday with lots of laughs and many, many more.

Love, June happy

P.S. Jimmy and Jill wish you a Happy Birthday too!

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Happy Birthday! My wish is to have the talent to write you a song for your birthday, if I did, the lyrics would include the following:

Whatever you do, wherever you go, smile, laugh, find the sunshine and rainbows. Treasure the small pleasures around you.

Thanks for all you've given us over the years. We continue to treasure it.

Robin Moore

Suffolk, VA

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You will never know how many lives you've touched with your words and your music but, I'm here to tell you that the songs you have written have touched mine. Your songs have made me laugh & cry, Dance & just sit in awe.

In the dictionary it says that a "LEGEND" is somebody famous or you admire with a particular skill or talent, I believe you fit into that category.

I hope that in the future I will all be able to hear some more of your inspirational songs.

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