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I was lucky enough to see Dynamite play some of it's very first gigs locally in Cleveland after Dave and Jim left the 'Berries. They were best described as some of the elite players locally

who got together. One BIG memory. I was in the crowd at a local club where Dynamite was debuting.

I was standing in front watching a warm up group, turned to my left and there stands Dave Smalley!

I was in awe, talked to him a couple of minutes and of course he was extremely nice and friendly.

Don't recall an album after that from them, but the encounter with Dave remains ..."fresh"..lol

Dean Tyler

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I have some old magazine clippings with Dynamite mentions, but I don't have any reviews or anything announcing a record release. If the vinyl had come out, I would have had it. They needed at least one demo tape to get labels to listen to them....so if Frankenberrie has a tape, it can't be disputed that one exists.

Dynamite was comprised of David Smalley, Kevin Raleigh, Dennis Stredney, and Jim Bonfanti.

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Tony Camillo was at one time the high school band director in Middlesex, NJ, where my All State Orchestra roommate went to high school.

Tony was a great music educator as well as a fine musician and dynamite (oops, no pun intended!) arranger. I was in high school when I knew of him, and was always thrilled that he did so well in the music industry. The first I knew of it was when I got the shock of my life seeing his name on a Raspberries album! Wonder how he's doing?

Small world...

smile --Darlene

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