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Raspberries Guitars


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Bernie - I love that you are addressing the guitars. A little trivia:

When I saw them in August '74 (Atlanta), Wally broke a string on his Flying V playing lead in the upper register of "Cry" and covered himself perfectly into the lower register. Didn't miss a note. He switched to an SG for the rest of the concert. I have this on tape, by the way.

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That is not Eric's exact guitar, but the same model. I met and spoke with Joan Jett a few years ago when she played at the now non-existent Backstage tavern in Seattle. Probably sat less than 400, great show.

I asked her about it and she said it was like her spare that she takes on tour. She told me (I even got a picture of us) that she still records with it, and it is featured on many an album cover, but she doesn't take it on the road because she doesn't "want to f**k it up", her exact words. It still exists in pristine condition in her house, as she charecterized it.

BTW, she asked about Eric, and said you were cool and she likes the music.

Both Joan and Eric are sketchy on how the guitar changed camps, but the best info I have put together is that a couple of respective roadies put the deal together.

Be cool if JJ showed up to watch the reunion show.

Seattle Steve

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Kay Bryson fills in the blanks on how Joan Jett got Eric's white Raspberries Gibson melody Maker:

"The guitar originally belonged to Wally. He bought it for $50.00 from his friend Mike Potocnik. It used to be red. Eric wanted a smaller guitar, so Wally gave it to Eric for his birthday. Eric painted it white and souped it up with humbucker pick-ups. He then sold it to Artie Peeler who was laterÝin Tattoo with Wally. Artie sold the guitar to Joan Jett when she was in The Runaways."


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