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1st record you bought?

John P

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Lee-Yesterday And You... is called Armen's Theme..because it has Armenian roots.

It was written by Mr. Ross Bagdasarian AKA David Seville and the beginning has the same waltz-type beginning as the Chipmunk Song.

Hey...I'm a Bobby Vee fanatic and more recently kinda a friend.-ira.

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That's OK,Matt!! I'm lucky I remember my name half the time laugh

First concert:

1977 - Lynyrd Skynrd - BUT their plane crashed the NIGHT before the concert....didn't know until we showed up at Madison Square garden in NYC and found hundreds of people crying, telling me not to use the ticket in tribute. Saw T-Rex, Ted Nugent and new guy called Rex Smith, who did not go over very well with the crowd.

He was in a Broadway play a few years ago - The Scarlett Pimpernel - and i spoke to him about the concert...he couldn't believe the hostility of the crowd but he did get seen by a producer that night who hired him to do a TV movie called "Sooner or Later"....oh my LORD...was he cute!!!!!!! Still is!!

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Thanks to Marv, I was able to cut and paste mine in:

posted 02-17-2005 02:32 PM


Also getting into the 'way-back' machine, my first few:

4-track: Beatles- Hard Day's Night

Album: Beach Boys- live

45: Surfin' Safari or Surfin' USA

Interesting selections from the era:

Album: Music Machine- Talk Talk

45: They're Coming To Take Me Away!


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1st album I purchased: Bobby Sherman: Portrait of Bobby

1st 45 I purchased: hmmm....probably "Julie, Julie, Julie, Do you Love Me"

Another one of my firsts was "Lonely People" America. That song always appealed to me. Looking back now, it was a good choice, taught me about harmony and background singing.

You know, my folks (well, Santa really) bought me my 1st record player and stand when I was 4! The bought me at least 20 or more LP's to go with it. Quite a selection. I'm sure I still have all of them. A nice bunch of classical, kid stuff (Tubby the Tuba--remember that little gem) and even some religious music. This would have been in 1964.


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