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What song deserves a 2nd chance?


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I have searched high and low for that dance mix for years. I suppose I could look for it on Ebay at this point. Sigh. I've always wanted to hear it. It's such a happy little 80's kinda song. It's great to exercise to--picture it, the little 80's headband and wristbands, the leg warmers, the spandex, the long, big hair in a banana clip......does it get any better? LOL! It is what it is, and what it is, is fun!


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What song deserves a second chance? "Starting over". "And if I had a chance to make one wish and I know it would come true, I would start all over with you". This song really touched me when I heard it in concert, at Padua High School, back when I was sixteen years old. I have always wished to meet Eric Carmen and I hope one day this wish will come true. I believe if we wish something hard enough, it will come true. After all, thought is energy. smilesmilesmile

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My choice would be "American as Apple Pie" and "I Can Remember".

As far as the Celine Dion comment is concerned...I used to be a big Anti-Celinist until I saw her Live and realized that she is one of THE biggest selling artists of all time for a reason...Her voice and her stage presence.

She doesn't need to show her breasts or have 100 dancing girls, explosions, fireworks, pasties etc...

Did you catch her on the Grammys?....no monitors, alone with a piano...Madonna or Shania would have been so flat and so freaked out that they would have walked off stage...


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Celine has the most God given talent since Left-Wing Babs hit the pop scene in the 60's. But her style, like Streisand's, turns some people off. I think she is great, except for her Vegas Peter Pan haircut and some of her phony mannerisms when she performs. And since Celine doesn't resort to the "Show more skin to promote the new record" strategy, how popular she remains in the future all depends on the material she and her handlers choose on each CD for her to record. So for all the great songwriters who are not great singers or appealing performers, people like Celine and Clay Aiken are a dream come true, if they use one of their songs... spin

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One song I'd like to hear someone redo by a Berry would be Wallys 'Send A Ship'from the Tattoo album. This song came out of nowhere. While Wally is more known for explosive riffs this is a warm heart filled cozy ballad that deserves to be a hit for someone. Maybe an Air Supply..Hey I don't know maybe even Eric and Wally could both sit down with this one some day. Hey I said maybe !

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