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Raspberries on Shoutcast

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Sounding Good Craig.


Do this as often as you like!!!

"Keith, Jr." is playing guitar to GATW in the basement and Off Broadway is on TV from downtown Chicago on the local fireworks show.

Power Pop Heaven!

Happy 4th!!!

As Wally said at Waukesha: "We don't get political, but we love our country!!!"


Hey Laura: saw you at Waukesha (I think we were both in Row 4), but didn't get to say "Hi", so ... "Hi!"

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Keith-Hi-I do think I saw you but was too busy visiting and I hated to leave my sister sitting by herself too long. She doesn't visit the website but I've been initiating her to the Raspberries. Hope to see you and everyone else soon at another concert! laugh

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I'm glad it's working alright for everyone. I turned it on before I left the house for the day. When I got home I noticed that the sound quality on my end wasn't very good (especially the quiet parts). I don't know what's causing that but I'll try to correct that for next time.

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