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Finally shelled out money for EC


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EC fans everywhere!

I finally got around to shelling out five bucks to buy an EC album; "Boats Against The Current", to be precise.

I got it on vinyl; I prefer the feel of vinyl (and have a better stereo for LPs than CDs).

The album was still in its original shrink wrap; never been opened. Me, being the book-value-spurner I am, ripped open the packaging as soon as I got home.

While I'm reminded slightly of a few bits and pieces of late 1977-early 1981 Manilow songs (written AFTER "Boats Against The Current" was released), the album is still perfect.

I've got this thing for singer-songwriters; I consider them a more evolved breed of musician, and find that their music (in most cases) has a lot more depth to it.

Anyway, I absolutely love the album. I've been home since 7:00 PM (central time), and have already listened through side one three times. I've just begun my venture on to side two, and am enjoying every second of it. The lyrics are skillfully written, the music is beautifully played, and the songs segue into each other wonderfully. The album is absolutely beyond description, at least for a 16-year-old like me.

Anyway, my main point of the topic (besides ranting about what an awesome album it is), is this:

What EC albums should I look for next? I'm familiar with "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again"; what album was that from?

Thanks in advance,


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The first thing I would do is tape that album (onto cassette) so it won't wear out ñ then listen to the cassette! Then I would check out the message board topics for opinions on the members' favorite albums. My advice: buy anything that says "Eric Carmen" or "Raspberries" on it! Happy listening! (Barry who?)


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Kapurasama, And you're 16! You got the best start at an early age! I didn't discover Raspberries or Eric until I was in my later 20's. And I've been listening ever since.

Steveh gave you the best advice! Do exactly what he says. I would say, get the albums in order, if you can find them. There's probably a link on this site to Powerpop albums Vol 1 and 2: Volume 1 has the first two Raspberries albums on it, and Vol 2 has the next two. You won't be sorry. Then, try to get Eric's first solo album: Eric Carmen. It has "Sunrise" on it. If you listen in order, you'll get a sense of how the music evolved. Do put them all on tape, because you will wear them out if you don't.

Look on the "Discography" link for the albums and the order they were produced. This website is the very best place for information on all the music, and what Eric and the rest of the 'Berries are doing now.

You're on your way -- you obviously have a very discriminating musical taste. Enjoy!!! And welcome!

smile --Darlene

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I've already dubbed the album on to CD using a spare LP player and my computer's microphone port.

I've already listened through the album 6 times since I got home yesterday. It's amazing.

Going back through my music collection, I've noticed a few EC songs written for other artists; Samantha Sang's "Emotion" has one on there by him.

Thanks for the advice; I'll be spending my next few paychecks at CD Universe.

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