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You know, you've gotta miss the charm of good old albums. Just finding the words printed inside was enough to thrill me. I really loved the ones that unfolded--like the "Boats" album. Sometimes you'd get one that was a neat color--I got a bright yellow Mecca recording of Star Wars, *hmmm, I think that's what it was....--my memory fails me!*

Specific stuff I can't remember--just remember getting some neat posters and of course the Raspberry sticker......


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I know what you guys mean. The teeny weeny writing on the cd inserts just doesn't do it for me.

That poster from Starting Over is the one my uncle and I decoupaged and was part of my Raspberries "shrine." In one of the Raspberries albums, the sleeve was covered with newspaper articles about the group from every possible newspaper and rock magazine--one day I sat down with a magnifying glass and listed every darn one of them, complete with every newspaper title and date as far as I could see and still have the list today. I *was* going to find every last article and copy them all--but then Ken Sharp's book (and later Bernie's and Raspberries Tonight!) came along, and now I don't have to!

I still love everything about the old record albums--ESPECIALLY that scratch 'n sniff sticker!

smile --Darlene

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Ya.....I remember that album too. It was the 2nd purchase of my Carmen/Raspberries collection. I bought it right after "Eric Carmen" Arista and remember sitting in our porch being absorbed by all the info inside the album.

I quickly gave the album away as it was about another week before I bulk purchased the 4 original Raspberries records!

And then the wait for "Boats Against The Current"!....does anybody else remember reading and reading about its release......... and then after months of anticipation it coming out August 1977?!!

...and then "Change of Heart" the following year. I was a sophmore at TCU and remember not being able to wait the extra day it would take before our local record store (Sound Warehouse I believe) would have it .....being so impatient that I borrowed a guy's car who lived in my dorm and drove across town to a record store that had received it a day early!

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KISS Rock and Roll Over - stickers

Beatles Sgt Pepper - sheet of cut outs like a fake mustache and paper doll Beatles

Beatles White Album - In addition to the photos alreasy mentioned, there was a collage poster

Elton John Captain Fantastic - poster

ELO Out of the Blue - I think there was a poster and a cut out that folded into a 3D flying saucer

I really miss albums for the artwork and the occaisional cool goodies!

Do these count?

Beach Boys Holland - An EP of a Brian Wilson fairytale

Jim Steinman Bad for Good - a bonus 45 (actually played at 33 1/3) with "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through"

And I think there was one band that almost included a roach clip in their album packaging.

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James, if you have a few minutes (er... hours), check out the "One Fan's Odyssey/A Long and Winding Post" I put up last month.

I had the exact same experience as you -- I bought Raspberries' Best after soaking in EC's first solo album. And like Darlene, I used a magnifying glass to read all those Raspberries reviews. (CubFanMike, I can now understand, after having worked in music publishing for a lot of years, how such a collage would come together --record company PR depts. use clipping services to procure EVERY last word written about their artists, and they build huge files. I'm sure that's how the Raspberries one came about: some creative mind in the graphics department emptied out the file. As I wrote in that Odyssey post, the Raspberries' Best packaging was pure genius -- a "sales job," in effect. I must have read those liner notes a million times.

Like you, James, I also found the wait for Boats Against the Current to be exciting, frustrating, even agonizing. In a way, the delay only heightened anticipation. At least for most of us. And the wait for Change of Heart was even more agonzing. Hey, when you're in college, you're so much more impatient.

Speaking of college, the Starting Over poster was on my dorm wall all four years. So were a couple others mentioned above -- ELO's Out of the Blue poster and Beatles White Album photos and poster. Two others that took up a lot of wall space:

1) John Lennon: Imagine poster (huge!) of JL playing his white piano

2) Paul McCartney: Band on the Run poster

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WRKO in Boston, and WOR-FM in NYC put out double albums of golden oldies (30 Now Goldens!) back in the late 60's/early 70's. The albums folded out and were full of black and white pictures, great memories, and groovy fashions. Plus, I loved reading the bios of my favorite RKO dj's and their involvement in the music of the time. And WOR had this far out poster that totally captured the graphic vibe of the time.

Wow I feel old!


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The articles photographed for the sleeve of "Raspberries' Best" were compiled by what's known, or used to be known as, a "clipping service." Various entities (such as record labels) subscribe to clipping services so they will know about how people or groups or companies associated with them are being mentioned in the media. Burrelle's is one of the biggest; I don't have my LP handy now, but if I'm not mistaken that's what the little slips attached to the clipped articles photographed for this sleeve say.

Clipping services like Burrelle's used to hire people to read through stacks and stacks of daily newspapers and also weekly and monthly magazines (they also got transcripts of radio and TV programs to weed through), looking for mentions of their clients' names, highlighting them, clipping and copying the articles, and sending copies to the clients so they could see what kind of media coverage they were getting. No doubt, Capitol simply used the clippings it already had on file about the Raspberries, from its clipping service, to create this sleeve.

Nowadays, I think clipping services have upgraded a bit...they don't just have people read and clip physical articles the way they used to. I'm sure the work is much more automated now...they have "bots" surfing the Net looking for mentions of a client's name or entities...

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Thanks for the info I never saw a greatest hits album with so much work put into it.. all the other ones I owned (and I had quite a few) came with plain white paper sleeves. I dont have to read these anymore since I have Ken Sharps book in hand... although some of his news clipping require close inspection like the greatest hits album.

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