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Set List LA

Roadie #3

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I was just wondering why Beatles tunes were dropped for that show, since they've spoken about how they enjoy playing them, and since they did perform 2 non-Raspberries songs, I Can't Explain and Needles and Pins.

Not that i take any credit for the change in the set list... but some of us did post our feelings regarding the lack of some 'Berries tunes vs. the inclusion of too many covers...


Someone mentioned this in the recent AC thread...

and this is not to take anything away from the thrill of hearing the Raspberries do a cover version... it's almost always a pretty cool idea & it's great to hear Eric talk about his roots...

that said, the main complaint I heard from friends who saw the NYC show was that there were too many covers & that they would've loved to have heard a few more originals in their place (Matt Pinfield & I agreed on this one)...

I think they made a wise decision to drop the Beatles covers ("Twist & Shout" & "Please Mr. Postman")... and just do one Beatles tune ("Baby's In Black") and do a smattering of classic '60s tunes...

still, in lieu of "Needles & Pins" or even a spot-on "Mr. Tambourine Man", it's probably a better idea to include tunes like "I Can Remember," "Don't Want To Say Goodbye," "I Saw The Light," & "Starting Over" especially since these are MUCH MORE IMPRESSIVE & they're the band's own songs...

I still remember HOW AMAZING "I Saw The Light" was in Cleveland & I'm still befuddled as to why they don't bring it back... THAT was where the band really became transcendent that November night...

And I'm guessing those who attend LA will be much akin to the NYC crowd... maybe even more diehard... and to wait & hear this band (live!) play those songs IS THE EXACT reason why this whole reunion is so special... I don't think LA should be spared one single original tune they have in their repertoire... IT'S TOO IMPORTANT!

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Right on Pierson. I had the same minor complaint with the NYC and AC shows. I mean, if THEY don't perform great songs like "I Can Remember","I Saw the Light", "Starting Over","On the Beach","Drivin' Around" who will? Believe me if they want to play all night long and just hang out I'll hang with them and they can play "Play That Funky Music" for all I care but the concert has only so much time and they have so many great songs of their own to play.

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Roadie #3 (Ernie),

Thanks for the set list and the education on what an audible is.

My sister and I were lucky enough to watch from right in front of the stage, front row, so we got to watch all the stage changes and how well you guys made everything happen perfectly -- instruments, towels, drinks, adjusting clothes -- whatever was needed.

The show was amazing -- and that magical feeling was kept magical because of that smoooooth flow.

The show was seamless and that is because you and Dugie were so on top of things.

Thanks for making it wonderful and letting us stay in that dreamlike state as the band played on, and fans rocked on!

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I understand and can appreciate how you and many of the other fans feel about the Raspberries performing more of their own songs.

I was a little surprised that they didn't do any Beatles tunes at all in L.A. but included others not their own. Was very happy with the Baby's In Black performance in Atlantic City. Really luved the addition of Mr. Tamborine Man for that show, especially enjoyed that one in the soundchcheck.

Of course it's best for them to perform as many of their own songs as possible at any performance, I can see that's what most fans want. And that's what the Raspberries are so great at doing, delivering what their fans came to hear! happy

All The Best,


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