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Set List LA

Roadie #3

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To those of you that saw the picture that Gene posted. YES that is the offical set list that I print for Wally's guitar changes. For those of you that have not seen Gene's pictures here you go. The offical stage set list

I Wanna Be with You

I Can’t Explain

Play On


Should I Wait

Nobody Knows

Makin It Easy

Come Around and See Me

If you Change Your Mind

It Seemed So Easy

Let’s Pretend

Last Dance

Needles & Pins

I Can Remember

Party’s Over

Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye

Overnight Sensation

Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak

I Don’t Know What I Want



I Saw the Light (Audible)

Starting Over (Audible)

I’m a Rocker

Go All the Way

And they did play the two audibles

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In a few of the shows the band puts some songs in as "audibles". If the crowd and tempo of the show is at a point where the band feels that they want to put these songs into the set Eric calls out the audible (as the stage quarterback) and the band plays them. In the LA show, when the band finished the main set and came backstage prior to the encore everyone said play the two audibles and it was a done deal. They are added to the set list to allow Dugie and I to know what guitar changes are necessary for the songs. If they just decided to throw in a song at the last minute who knows what guitar Wally or Eric would end up with. The band spends a lot time making sure the set list flows smoothly. As they came back to the stage I knew that Wally was going to play the Martin acoustic and gave him that guitar. It would have been tough for him to play "I Saw the Light" on the Flying V which he uses for "I'm a Rocker". In the picture that Gene posted Wally and I made 11 guitar changes and Eric had 9 changes between guitars and piano throughout the night in LA. Making changes and retuning the guitars after they are played keeps us pretty busy and at the same time we have to pay attention to the stage to watch for potential problems and keep cold water/soda and dry towels available. It keeps us running throughout the show. The good news is that we have not had to use any of Wally's back up guitars due to malfunctions or broken strings in any of the shows over the past year (please, everyone knock on some wood quick). Every part of the show is rehearsed including guitar changes. I think that after 30+ years Wally and I almost have it down.

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I understand how you feel about Raspberries vs Beatles tunes in the set.

I was just wondering why Beatles tunes were dropped for that show, since they've spoken about how they enjoy playing them, and since they did perform 2 non-Raspberries songs, I Can't Explain and Needles and Pins.

That's great news to hear that they continued recording the shows. Wish XM would air that NYC show they recorded, too...

All The Best,

Joyce smile

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Believe me at LA there was enough smoke in that hallway from the stage smoke generators that even I got lost headed to the tech case. So being a little bit older and wiser (and wider) I brought one of the tuners up to the keyboard riser (Paul & Jen's)for quick checks on the guitars. I'll tell you that riser has never been so crowded; 2 keyboards, 1 monitor, 2 mike stands. Wally’s Flying V, Doubleneck, and caddy with the Parker, Rick, and two back ups. Barely room for Paul and Jen to play with all that going on.

I guess you could say smoke, but no mirrors.

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Tony, I am the short haired roadie on Wally's side. I have been working with Wally since before the Raspberries in a band called Target that played a lot of Stones and Who material among other heavy rock and roll music. When Target broke up I work with another local Cleveland band and then when Raspberries finished the 1st album one of the roadies left (Kent Demshar) left I joined to tech for Wally and Jim. I left the band right before Staring Over. Since that time I have been with Wally in other bands such as the Keys, The News and The Secret. When the band decided to do the reunion Wally called and said he needed his tech and I was there. It has been a great experience once again and makes me feel younger than my 53 years. In fact my wife constantly tries to remind me that I am not 21 and I need to slow down a little.

The long haired guy on Dave's side of the stage is none other than Kevin Dugan aka "Dugie" who joined the band after I left and worked throughout Starting Over and until the band disbanded. Dugie and I have been friends forever. For the past 25 years Dugie has been the bass tech for Michael Anthony of Van Halen as well as working on many national tours when VH is not on the road. The third person on the crew is Rusty Pitrone who like Dugie joined after I left and handled the FOH and later Tour Manager. Rusty is the Tour Manager for the reunion tour and helps the crew as much as possible. Lastly we ahve recently added Dave Booth to replace Derek who is a student at Berklee in Boston. Although Dave does not fill in playing congas and other percussion he is an excellent monitor mix engineer and take care of Jim's drums. Dave has worked the Atlantic City and LA shows and the guys have commented that the monitors have never been so good.

Yes we are the first to arrive and the last to leave (sounds like a song from JB) but we all enjoy what we do to make the band sound great. Our crew is the best bunch of old guys around and I really enjoy working with everyone. The fans constantly have our backs and we do appreciate it.

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Roadie #3, glad to see that you have these "audible" songs.....too often, bands have these pre-planned so-called "encores" which ultimately end up being the same exact couple of songs for the last two tunes on evert single show of the tour.

This set of Raspberries live dates have been different in each of the three shows I've seen.

The ability to "shift gears" every time out adds a lot more excitement to the set.

Glad you guys are ready for everything and anything that Eric and Wally throw at you!

Keep up the good work!!

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Well the first thing I would like to clear up is my face! Oh, I forgot I don't have acne anymore. Yuk yuk!

I forgot to tell Wally that there was this chick hanging around out back asking about him all night long, but she had her face on backwards! That was a joke we used to tell on stage. LOL!

Hey Rodie3, thanks for all the stage mechanics info. and all the work you do. You guy's certainly pulled it off!


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Ernie, No broken strings! No cancellations due to weather. Even a lot of illness before and during the Atlantic City concert couldn't stop Raspberries. What you guys do is so destined to be that it's charmed. No broken strings! And the road crew is charmed, (and charming) as well!

smile --Darlene

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And you know what's really funny.....I told myself, long before the show, that I would be really disappointed if the guys didn't play "Cruisin' Music".....especially since this is Brian's home turf.....and appropriate to do..

But you know, I didn't even think about the song at any time during or after the set....until just now.....and this only proves how thoroughly entertaining the show was....

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Sorry that I did not mention my baby sister who started out as a RIT-WBT and now has taken on the challenge of lighting. She directed the lighting in AC and in LA worked with a local lighting specialist. It was her idea to light up the radio in Overnight Sensation and even found the transistor radio. Although in LA, I did the positioning and placement of Ken and Barbie who by the way got a cheer during the song. In all seriousness she has done a great job with everything attempted and even helps in the loading and unloading of all the gear. With out her our load in, set up, tear down and load out would take even longer. Thanks Adrienne and I am sorry omitted you above. Will you ever forgive me? And don’t let me forget Kevin who is our support staff in Cleveland without his help loading out at the rehearsal hall, wiring the truck for power and loading back in we would still be there pushing cases. I know the second floor studio sucks.


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Now that I am finished wiping away the tears let me say this to my brother: Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful trip we have traveled, without you this opportunity would have never happened for me. I know that I am not an " official " member of the crew but I feel like a member of the family which is way more important to me. Eric, Wally Jim and Dave, I love you all. You guys are all my big brothers too! The work that Kevin and I do for the band is a labor of love and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else but by your sides offering whatever help we can. We both hope that the journey has not ended but only just begun.

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