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Waukesha review


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Hey, wanna hear a cute story?

Since the show was early enough and my parents would still be awake, I asked my mother beforehand if she wants me to call her during her favorite berries song

Go All The Way. She said "you could do that"?? haha

I said "yes" So I called her when they started playing and she listened. When they finished I asked her if she heard them ok. She said "oh, it almost made me cry"

Oh geez.....like mother, like daughter. We get so emotional when we hear our fave berries song

So glad she was so excited spin


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Now for something completely ridiculous.

1. We bought general adm tickets for Sat and Sun shows. Used 2 printers and could not print tickets.

2. Anthony is on the phone 2 hours trying to resolve this.

3.We figured we would just take the $$$ loss and bought more gen adm tickets for Sat and Sun.

4. Sat we arrive at the Expo grounds and realize that gen adm tickets are seats outside the fenced area. We ask if we could pay the dif and get reserevd seats for Sun show. They decided it would be ok and we pay the dif, get our tickets and go over to see Greg Rolie. We never check the tickets

we just bought for Sun show.

5. After GRB plays for about 45 min it begins to rain, shows over.

6. Sun at about 2pm Anthony takes out the tickets and says "you are not going to believe this". Oh no

I know there is a problem. I look at the tickets and they are for the Sat show. *stomach flips*

Now we dont have tickets for the show.

7. We head over to the Expo center and luckily the woman that was there Sat night was there and remembered us. We explained the situation. She then said well there is no reserved seating for tonights show. *stomach flips and flops*. We tell her that there is reserved seating. She lets us inside the building, because now this is taking so long and its hot outside. She finds the seating chart, we choose our seats. At this point Anthony tells her the trouble we had printing our gen adm tickets and that we had to buy more tickets. She asked if we were refunded and we said no, its just too much trouble, forget about it. She said "oh, no we will refund you. So, well now for some reason she is having a problem doing that. Something is really wrong here. I felt bad because she was really nice and really trying to help, but I guess there was trouble with their system. She walks away and once again we are left waiting. Finally, She comes back with two tickets in her hand and askes if we could settle with front row tickets for the show. I screamed and gave her a big hug haha She laughed and said " maybe I better go see this band"

Happy Ending smile


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Wow Gina. I'm glad you got it worked out and you got your great seats, next to us I may add. This festival had problems from the start and we too were frustrated with how they handled everything. I give them credit for trying, and we did talk to some nice people trying to figure it all out along the way. It just wasn't very organized. They had some great bands all weekend and crowds should have been better!

They could have had ALL the people behind the fence come into the seating area and it still would not have been filled up.

I also read over at Raspberries.net that Bowling for Soup ended up getting rained out. However, they went into the indoor auditorium and played a short acoustic set for those still around. And they made some great references to how the Raspberries sounded, from what Hosskratz says.

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Tony, There is no such thing as Lemonade Overkill!

A not-so-well organized festival happens, but Raspberries fared far better than groups who got rained out, etc. The number of people in Waukesha will have no bearing on any future gigs. Even "Bowling for Soup" talked about Raspberries.

They looked great, sounded like they always do, what's not to love?! It didn't even matter that it rained. It was raining lemonade.

I can't wait till New York!

smile --Darlene

PS Actually, I can't wait till Cleveland! I'm so excited about New York, I keep forgetting that's FIRST!

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What a fantastic time ! First of all I must hugely thank Steve (NC5B – from Milwaukee) and his lovely wife, Cindy, who very kindly gave Stevie and I a lift to and from the venue! We would have been stranded in a storm after the show for sure! Also, a big Thank You to Harry for the tickets! Front row, too! Also, thank you to Hosskratz for the Guitarmy hats and Gina for the sun shade hat. It was wonderful to meet up with fans again, everyone is so nice! During the gig, I looked round a couple of times at Keith, who was sitting watching the Berries with such a lovely expression of awe on his face. The whole atmosphere was amazing. The heat was in the 90s, but any discomfort was soon forgotten ~ nothing else matters when the Berries are on stage!

I was absolutely chuffed to bits when Dave acknowledged me from the stage and then blew me a kiss! Before and after the gig, he greeted me with such a wonderful smile, hugs and kisses, which I adored! He’s such a lovely, lovely guy. Jim and Wally were sweet, too. I also had the chance to say “Hi†to Eric later.

The gig itself, of course, was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Every song just sounded fantastic. It’s hard to pick out a favourite.

Our journey there and back was not without anxiety, as we missed our connecting flight due to our outward journey being delayed. We caught our homeward bound flight with five minutes before take-off, due to queues and shuttle buses left right and centre at Toronto. eek But it was all worth it. I would love to go to Denver, but it’s just not possible.

Razzy ~ Happy Birthday for 1 July! I bet you’ll remember this birthday for years to come!!


BTW, Stevie found a roll of film in the grass at the gig. If anyone lost a film there, please email me and let me know. I know how horrible it is to lose something really important.

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A very good friend and lifelong rock 'n' roll buddy of mine was at Chicago HOB and Waukesha. He has always liked the Raspberries and has a keen understanding of where they fit in and stand out in rock and roll.

He's extremely knowledgable ... and jaded ... very hard to impress. He has seen at least a concert a week for 30 years -- really into it.

He said the opening chords at Waukesha was the most exciting thing he's ever seen.

I was stunned, as it's not his nature nor does he have any reason to go over the top about any band.

It's MUCH more than partisan hype; it's for real; it's ... alive!


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Honestly, Tony? I was at the 1st two HOB gigs, and they admittedly got a little help vocally on the high-end on 1 or 2 notes from JLee, but otherwise they nailed everything. When Eric and Wally sang the Beatles covers together (with no help at all), they sounded fantastic. GREAT voices, still to this day. And instrumentally, it's the same 4 guys from the records, with greatly upgraded gear. It sounds just like that band. I kid you not, it's SO uncanny!

But then, I'm a Darlenist.

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BTW, Stevie found a roll of film in the grass at the gig. If anyone lost a film there, please email me and let me know. I know how horrible it is to lose something really important.

Julia, OH MY GOSH, I think that roll of film is mine.

PLEASE check you private message. I didnt post about losing a roll of film, I did't know where I lost it and never thought someone would find it. I need to be more careful. I also lost a roll of film in Cleveland. Well, lucky my head is attached or I would be in big trouble.

BTW, it was VERY COOL when Dave acknowledged you and blew you a kiss



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Even the heat couldn't take away from the great show in Waukesha--obviously not as long as the first show in Cleveland in November, but great as well.

I was at the Waukesha show with some good friends, including John Murphy and Gary Klebe from another great power pop band, Shoes. Thanks to help from Ernie and Rusty, I was able to bring John and Gary back to meet Eric and Wally before teh show (Dave and Jim weren't around at that moment).

I got a nice photo of Eric with John and Gary from Shoes that I might be able to have placed in a national publication (a meeting of power pop legends)--I'll post again if the photo is going to run anywhere.

I also was fortunate enough to get in a photo myself of "power pop heaven"--Eric and Wally with John and Gary.

I should mention that it was the first time for the pair of Shoes seeing Raspberries live. They heard all about the Cleveland show from me after I had attended, and they both were very impressed with the Waukesha show and with meeting Eric and Wally. All in all, a very cool day...despite temps in the 90s.

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What great posts! What a great show! Keith, I saw them so many times, and no matter where it was or who was in the crowd, EVERYONE always said the same thing: If you knew Raspberries and had heard them before, there was never such wild anticipation as there was waiting for the first chords. And those first two chords were always so EXCITING! Keith, if your friend is the music connoisseur you describe (and he obviously IS), I'm so NOT SURPRISED that he feels the same way. You called it perfectly: it's just REAL and ALIVE! I used to describe it as excitement so electrifying you could cut it with a knife. By the same token, Eric and Wally's chemistry was so palpable, you could feel it from the middle of the crowd, the back of the room. And just like I knew would happen, nothing has changed. No matter who hears them, or whatever they expected or didn't expect. My husband NEVER expected to get as excited as he did when he heard them live in Cleveland. Herman was on his feet, comparing their talent to that of the Beatles. (and he's always been an AVID Beatles fan.) I knew nothing would change from the old days when they finally came back, because THAT'S JUST HOW RASPBERRIES IS!

I'm just thrilled that everyone else is experiencing it too! And it only gets better from here!

smile --Darlene

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I agree that it would be very cool to see Shoes do some shows opening up for Raspberries. Maybe after I win millions in the lottery I'll put up the money to be the promoter for such a tour. By the way, I know that Gary Klebe from Shoes was very tickled to hear Wally do Party's Over at the Waukesha show, as it's one of his favorites.

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