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I agree totally with you - Eric is a much better vocalist than McCartney, and I know Eric will be great on stage again - he wouldn't have it any other way.

As for covers...I hope they don't do any covers - there are enough Raspberry songs to fill 90-120 minutes, and if they still have time, why not sings Eric's solo hits?


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Iím hoping someone on this message board has some expertise in the area of paying royalties.

Many years ago I read a story about a bar that "called the fedsî and had a competitorís bar down the street busted because the live entertainment was doing ìcoversî and royalties were not being paid to the composer. If I remember correctly, the article indicated that the venue pays an ASCAP fee so the live entertainment can do a cover of a recorded song, and this bar was not paying the fee. Is this at all accurate?

If The Raspberries concert is going to be recorded and sold, I think I can go out on the limb and say that any composer who wrote a song that is performed is going to want their royalties.

So as The Raspberries figure out their set list, I suspect maybe Dave Smalleyís line of thinking might go something like this, ìWell, we could cover ìTicket to Rideî and contribute to the Michael Jackson Defense Fund, or we could do ìShould I Waitî and I could make a few bucks off of royalties.î I think this falls into that category referred to as a ìno brainerî.

If anyone out there can straighten me out the the legalities on this one, I would be grateful. Iím hoping for some covers, but if I was a betting man, I would bet that we are going to hear only original material by the band. I hope Iím wrong.

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All bars, taverns, clubs, concert venues, what have you, nust pay a licensing fee to ascap, bmi, and so forth if they want to feature ANY musical entertainment whether it be a live band, karajokie, or the juke box. Those organizations are responsible, along with the Harry Fox Agency, to collect & distribute royalties. I feel confident that the HOB already has this licensing in place. The Berrie's could do whatever they desire as far as tunes go.

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Without being on the inside, just a Monday Morning Raspberries quarterback, I would probably make this first show wall to wall Raspberries. There are plenty of songs that highlight each others "solo Raspberries songs. The show is sold out on this basis as that's how it was billed. Angling to sell tickets is not a factor.

When it kills, and it will, a promoter may push for some solo stuff for an extended tour to sell even more tickets. If it gets them bigger venues and exposure, all may benefit.

Every scenario has everybody winning.

I say don't chince on a film crew and make a killer multi angle dvd, that can serve as an archive to not only sell, but pull possible promos from, VH1 stuff, etc.

I agree that they have plenty of material to avoid covers, but if they rehearse 2 encore songs, and we bring those sweating mates back for three encores, expect unrehearsed Beatles that are forever etched in their heads, and a free form 9 minute jam of All Right Now that they make up on the spot.

Raspberries, and Eric's solo career are classic cases of underpromotion. Third times a charm, let's create resources for an interested promoter. The fan excitement is obviously there.

Seattle Steve

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