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Wonder what they are rehearsing?

2/3 of the set list is obvious, so the fun is the other 1/3. Backtracks, solo stuff etc.

I'm thinking it will be largely, if not all Raspberries. Anyway the non single Raspberries song I would be most excited about seeing live is "If You Change Your Mind" I love the way it builds.

Who plays the acoustic guitar on that one anyway? I assumed it was Eric and Wally comes in with the electric. Maybe Wally played both on the record, but I've always pictured Eric on a stool with the acoustic with one light on a darkened stage, then gradually the others are added as the song builds, and that song live, could really rock in the end, even more than on the record.. with an extended jam by Wally /screaming session.

Mellow song.. hah.

You could make a case that Come Around and See Me would be fun and appropriate too.

I see some songs maybe such as I Wanna Be With You, be letter perfect to the record, and then others like the before mentioned If You Change Your Mind could vary with a jam that leaves people saying... wow.

I can dream anyway... talk about dreaming, one more, if they do it that way, Eric says on the stool this is for Steve in Seattle... now I'm really delirious.

I need to get back to work before this reunion costs me too much more business..

Seattle Steve

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Interesting post.

I've been thinking about the first song...ya gotta figure it's going to be the infamous Carnegie opening...Ticket to Ride into I Wanna Be With You.

In fact...I'll go on record now...this IS going to be the opening.

If you've heard the '74 Agora I'm a Rocker opening...you know they can effectively extend their classics.

Eric solos? Hmmmm..might be a touchy area. Seems like they would include one or two...but I dunno how Wally would handle this.

How about Little Queenie? They did this all the time in the old days. I expect a 50's rocker or Beatles rocker as a fill.

We'll see!!!

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I agree that probably they'll want to limit solo stuff, unless they also go nuts and throw in a couple of songs from Dry, Internal Monologue and By The Seat of Our Pants - not too likely. And for me, it'd be weird having Eric sing 'ABM' unless maybe he does it for a 'solo spot' or something. There is also the advantage that the more recent stuff is probably easier for them to sing, too.

But for me, I'm wondering what they'll do from Starting Over? Obviously no McCarl songs, but there are several others I'd love to hear that the original 4 could pull off, like "Cruisin' Music" and "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine" - 2 of my faves!

And if they do songs from Starting Over, which only had 2 original Berries on it, they could do songs from "Refreshed" too, like I sure would love to hear Dave sing "Pop Teasers", and it seems like a perfect song for the occasion, but...what are the odds??


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Marvin - wow! I sure hope that's true! I'm probably in a minority, but I'd love to hear them do each other's solo stuff. To me, that shows more "togetherness" than if they only do original-4 songs, or give Eric a solo spot. Plus, it shows they still have the chops to learn new material (not that I ever doubted) - which could lead to writing and recording MORE new Berry material - the ultimate, as far as I'm concerned. Okay, I'm seriously getting psyched, now! Better go lie down....


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"Don't Want To Say Goodbye" is a song that was playing on local Cleveland radio the night my wife of 32 years and myself went on our first date. Its always been "our song". I hope they include it in the set.

(and I hope we can get the meet and greet seats)

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If you really listen to the Odeon show the vocals are starting to get pretty ragged toward the end of the show. It's pretty tough to sing in the keys those songs were originally written in after a long layoff and keep your pitch all night. I would hope that they don't over extend themselves and keep it shorter and tighter. If (when?) they do more shows they can add more tunes as they get their chops back in shape (L.A., L.A., L.A...)--Kirk.

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Kirk makes a good point. This has to be VERY stressful for the guys. Lets face it...it has been decades since they have been called upon to perform as a tight musical unit.

This is not some 2-3 song at someone's wedding performance. Everyone from the Rock press is going to be there..heck you may have Paul Stanley...Springsteen...Axl Rose...who knows????

Camera's rolling...my G@D I get nervous just thinking of it!

Yet they have to give us a 90 minute of blistering rock.

I'm gonna be in a state of full-blown mania by Thanksgiving day.


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In addition to mentioning doing some of the solo stuff, another thing Dave mentioned to me was, a 90-120 minute show. This was a few weeks ago and of course this was all guess work on his part.

Doesn't matter what they do, or for how long they play, it's going to be an experience.

Who was it that told me (Bernie was it you?) that in last week's rehearsals, they had practiced the "how-can-he-sing-that-high!!" song "Let's Pretend" in the original key! Quite a feat if Eric can pull that off.


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"I wanna be with you so BAD"

Eric did get help on that one note, but he knew it in advance, and joked about it.

I'm sure he doesn't even remember it, but he told me after the show that the 1 hour interview before really parched his vocal chords. But if you were there, and witnessed Make Me Lose Control and Boats, it was better than the recorded version.

Eric still has game.

I never had the opportunity to see the Ringo Tour, but have been told by people that did, that once he got in to it, and singing so often, that he was completely into form, and would have easily just nailed that note.

Since they are already rehearsing, I predict that on 11/26 he will pull a McCartney, and hit every note, in the orignal key.

I never understood it, I speculate that Eric fancies himself more as a composer/musician than a performer, yet I think he's got the best voice I've ever heard in Rock and Roll. I'm a huge McCartney fan, but Eric has him beat on vocals.

Someone told me that I need to hear his version of Maybe I'm Amazed that the boys used to play.

You guys picking up on my anticpation and excitement...?


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