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The Limited and Special Editions are almost ready!!!

Al K

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Man, I can see why Jim was named "foxiest" 'Berry all those years ago - he's got some sexy legs! They really have to let him out from behind the drum kit more often!

Wally is looking terrific too - I thought he looked 10 years younger in these photos than he did in the tour videos.

Of course, Dave and Eric look handsome as ever.

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I saw on the official Raspberries site all the limited editions sealed in their priority mail envelopes! I am soooo jealous... I hope the special editions come out sometime this week or early next week. Everyone must post so I can live vicariously until my special edition arrives!

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Hi..nothing in the mail today..hopefully soon, so I can take it with me to Philly this weekend. I was in Tampa over the weekend and stopped at FYE and picked up the CD/DVD. I thanked the store manager for having it in the store. My brothers (who have been Raspberries fans for many year) enjoyed watching the DVD. I had goosebumps, and my brother said I had a huge smile on my face as we were watching the guys singing...it was awesome! I can't wait for my Special Edition in the mail.

Thanks to all who worked so hard on this. You guys ROCK!


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It's so exciting to see everyone engaged in readying the shipment! The energy and excitment really come through in every picture. It's so obvious that these editions are being put together painstakingly and beautifully and everyone's heart is invested. The love and care shown by everyone at "Headquarters" is worth the wait. Thanks so much for the pictures. Everyone looks fantastic and Dave looks fantastically healthy as well! Thanks and love to all.

smile --Darlene

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Wow...these were great pictures.

Seeing them here did my heart a world of good.

Thanks Al, and thanks to all who put such time, effort and attention into doing this. It goes a long way...really, it does.

And Dave, you're looking good. Real good. (Not that everyone else isn't, but it's doubly relieving to see him in such fine shape.)

Looking forward...

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