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The Limited and Special Editions are almost ready!!!

Al K

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Here's some photos from Raspberries World Headquarters, where our staff continues to work their fingers to the bone..

We WILL be shipping the Limited and Special Editions this week!

Dave and Wally sign the Limited Editions at our National sales and marketing office

Signing done!

The space in the shipping department at the Midwest Satellite Warehouse fills up as as the limited and special editions are being readied...

2nd shift warehouse clerk Jim Bonfanti cuts bubble wrap at our East Coast manufacturing facility

2nd shift warehouse supervisor Barb Bonfanti carefully readies the lyric sheets for shipment

Merchandising Supervisor Denise Kaston delicately numbers the Limited Editions at a secret location

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Da boys look great - very relaxed and happy!!!

Nice to see Barb and Denise there too!!!

Thank you all so much for all the hard work and extra effort - we greatly appreciate it.

Damn, Dave - did they inject you with the fountain of youth during the surgery???!!!!!

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Man...This is what's so incredibly special about this site and this community.

Thanks Al.

P.S.-I'll go to sleep deluding myself... thinking that Wally wore his "Brooklyn" T-Shirt in honor of a certain fan's (me) hometown....But I kinda think his son Jesse is livin' in Brooklyn.-Ira.

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