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The End

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I think I remember Bernie saying something like that all of the other musicians got to play on each other's songs, but Eric, due to the few dates he was supposed to play, wasn't going to be playing on anyone else's songs. That's discrimination of the worst kind right there, just for starters! So I got that while the other guys were all out there playing on each other's songs, Eric was to be sitting backstage doing a slow burn. I'm sure that accounts for some of the huge inequality in time onstage and it's just plain ridiculous. I think then he was going to do like three songs and then go backstage again...What were these promoters smoking, anyway????

eek --Darlene

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I'm also planing to go Canada and East Coast for sightseeing and see Abbey Road Tour. But some reasons, I decide to go there late July. But Boston is cancel. I wanna see other Abbey Road Shows, but cannot fit for our trip plan. Tix are refundable and can't change dates. frown

Please let me know if you catch the show and get pix or tapes.

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