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GREAT new UNSEEN Raspberries photos!

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A treasure-trove of amazing photos was recently unearthed by long-time Raspberries fan (and local Hullaballoo clubber) Marilyn Wesolowski. And they're coming to EC.com! Check back tonight for an amazing array of SUPER COOL color photos taken of the band back in the day!


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As Dick Enberg would say, "Oh, my!!!"

What a great batch of images! Thank you, Bernie, and thanks to Marilyn for her generosity. Real treasures.

Eric, if you're reading.... Do you still have:

1) the "McCartney" bass in the 2nd row, 1st picture?

2)The piano with the Raspberries logo, also in the 2nd row, 2nd picture?

3) The purple suit in the bottom row?

MAM, I envy you for having seen Raspberries live back then....


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Yes, Michael, that's exactly the way they looked, as Marilyn can obviously also attest. It really takes me back to those days, when I was a mere 25-27 and went wherever they were whenever I could.

Marilyn, thanks soooo much! What golden memories!

And your photos are FANTASTIC!

smile --Darlene

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Wow! These pictures really bring back the memories of those early days. In answer to Larry's questions: No, I don't have that Hofner Club Bass anymore. I think that piano was the 66 key Kawai upright I used to use. We mounted three DeArmond pickups directly onto the soundboard of that piano so it could be amplified. I was desperate for a real acoustic piano sound and there just wasn't anything available back then so we rigged up a small upright to try and get an acoustic sound. It wasn't great, but it was better than a Fender or a Wurlitzer electric. And finally, no, I don't have those purple velvet pants anymore or that pretty cool purle satin and crepe shirt. If I did, I think the only one they might fit now would be Clayton. I think the waist on those pants was 28". Oh and by the way, welcome to the board, Larry. Nice to see you here! I remember that last interview we did together. Where did we do that one? ec

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Eric, I'm honored that you'd remember our interviews! It says a lot about a person that he doesn't forget names.... It's one more reason why you deserve admiration! It speaks volumes that you took the time to post a remembrance of Jim Girard.

We started down the path of a phone interview in the early 1990s, but we were both on the run in different cities in Florida. However, you were traveling with your manager, and I was traveling with my wife and then-infant daughter. Not surprisingly, that one didn't work out.... :-) So we're overdue! But maybe we can get one done in support of the upcoming Raspberries CD? I have a couple of potential outlets. I'd love to see the new record get tons of press, and will help any way I can. In fact, there seem to be lots of writers and radio people on this board, so I expect we'll see lots of press.

Anyway, we haven't done a live interview since 1988, in Worcester, Mass., near the start of the Dirty Dancing tour. I still remember you starting the interview with a great one-liner, which was so good that I used as the lead of my feature. Bernie has it posted here:


That feature appeared in a special issue we did at Digital Audio (later CD Review): Rock'n'Roll CD Spectacular.

Anyway, thanks again for remembering! You made my day.



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Thanks Marilyn, what great quality pictures. Eric I love the purple jump suit and I think you should have kept it for all times sake as well as some of the other things you wore. Your kids would have gotten a big kick out of it. You did look very good in purple. laugh

Too bad I wasn't around in those days so these pictures are gems. The guys looked so good. Thanks so much.

Eric who is the guy at the keyboard forth row down second picture in? He has a hat on, boots and embroidered dungarees. Thanks

June king

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I'd totally wear those purple pants. Today.

But the pressing question is: how the heck did you play piano and sing with a HiWatt half six inches behind you???

Wait a minute...there's ANOTHER picture with you playing an upright with a FULL MARSHALL STACK right behind you. Yipes!



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The guy in the picture sitting at the keyboard next to Wally is Opie O'Brien. Opie was one of the two keyboard players we brought on board to help "fill out" the sound back in 1973. I guess you could say that Opie and Tony were the first "overdubs." They played the strings and horns on those miserable sounding mellotrons we had. Opie also doubled on saxophone live. He was quite a "colorful" character.

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