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Hey,mention Eric¥s albums from the song you like the best to the song you like the le

Carmen Smalley

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2 Take It Or Leave It

3 Boats Against The Current

4 Nowhere To Hide

5 She Did It

6 I Think I Found Myself

7 Marathon Man

8 Love Is All That Matters

from Change Of Heart

1 Desperate Fools

2 Haven¥t We Come A Long Way?

3 Hey Deanie

4 Someday

5 Desperate Fools Overture

6 Baby I Need Your Loving

7 Heaven Can Wait

8Change Of Heart

9 End Of The World

To be continue.First is more difficult to random ordering

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My Faves:

1. Starting Over

2. Boats (original version)

3. Tonight

4. Play On


6. Let's Pretend

7. Everything

8. All Through The Night

9. Overnight Sensation

10.I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine

11.Last Dance

12.Desperate Fools

13 Should I Wait


15.Love Is All That Matters

16.I'm A Rocker

17.Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

Least Faves:

1. Change of Heart

2. Change of Heart (get the point?)

3. Heaven Can Wait

4. Money Down (too slow)

5. Cruisin' Music

6. Hey Deannie

lots of others but I have to think about em


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Eric Carmen

1. No Hard Feelings

2. All By Myself

3. That's Rock 'n' Roll

4. Sunrise

5. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

6. Everything

7. On Broadway

8. Last Night

9. My Girl

10. Great Expectations,

Boats Against The Current

1. Nowhere To Hide

2. Boats Against The Current

3. Take It Or Leave It

4. Love Is All That Matters

5. She Did It

6. Runaway

7. Marathon Man

8. I Think I Found Myself

Change of Heart

1. Someday

2. Hey Deanie

3. Desperate Fools

4. Heaven Can Wait

5. Desperate Fools Overture

6. Change Of Heart

7. Haven¥t We Come A Long Way

8. Baby I Need Your Loving

9. End Of The World

Tonight You're Mine

1. It Hurts Too Much

2. Tonight You're Mine

3. Foolin' Myself

4. All For Love

5. Lost In The Shuffle

6. Inside Story

7. Sleep With Me

8. You Need Some Lovin'

Eric Carmen (deux)

1. I'm Through With Love

2. American As Apple Pie

3. Maybe My Baby

4. I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips

5. She Remembered

6. Spotlight

7. You Took Me All The Way

8. The Way We Used To Be

9. Come Back To My Love

10. Living Without Your Love


To be honest, I have no preferences on this one as nothing really stuck,

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Great solo songs:

Boats Against The Current


No Hard Feelings

Love Is All That Matters (Carmen, can't believe you ranked it 8th!)

Cartoon World



Boring solo songs:

Pretty much the rest of Winter Dreams

Baby, I Need Your Lovin

On Broadway

Everything else I'd consider in between but classify as at least very good. Other than the Winter Dreams album, I'm not sure the guy ever wrote a bad song.

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I suppose I¥ll buy the records I still don¥t have,although I¥play fifth and WD once only(to listen to),When I¥m a good woman I use to imagine that Caroline No cover similar to a lobothomy made by DR Eugene Landy.LOL,so imagine it when I¥m a bad one!.Iimagine the fifth full of lynndrums and synths,although maybe with good melodies.

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Albums also ranked from best to worst.


1> Change of Heart

2> Someday

3> Heaven Can Wait

4> Desperate Fools

5> Hey Deanie

6> Haven't We Come a Long Way

7> Desperate Fools Overture

8> Baby I Need Your Lovin'

9> End of the World

ERIC CARMEN (1975) #2

1> Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

2> My Girl

3> All By Myself

4> Sunrise

5> That's Rock and Roll

6> Everything

7> Last Night

8> Great Expectations

9> On Broadway

10>No Hard Feelings


1> Foolin' Myself

2> Sleep With Me

3> It Hurts Too Much

4> All For Love

5> Tonight You're Mine

6> The Inside Story

7> You Need Some Lovin'

8> Lost In the Shuffle

ERIC CARMEN (1984) #4

1> You Took Me All the Way

2> The Way We Used to Be

3> I'm Through with Love

4> She Remembered

5> Maybe My Baby

6> Living Without Your Love

7> American as Apple Pie

8> Spotlight

9> Come Back to My Love

10>I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips


1> Cartoon World

2> Someone That You Loved Before

3> I Wanna Take Forever Tonight

4> I Could Really Love You

5> Walk Away Renee

6> Isn't It Romantic

7> Almost Paradise

8> I Was Born to Love You

9> Everytime I make Love to You

10>Top Down Summer


1> She Did It

2> Love Is All that Matters

3> Boats Against the Current

4> Runaway

5> Nowhere to Hide

6> I Think I Found Myself

7> Marathon Man

8> Take It or Leave It

Comments Welcome!


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