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2nd Annual Cleveland Icon Perseverance Awards, March 25, 2007


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Saw this post about the 2nd Annual (Cleveland) Icon Perseverance Awards --- "Cleveland Honors Its Own" --- at http://www.clevelandec.org and thought it might be of interest.

Eric Carmen, Dave Smalley and Wally Bryson are among the listed nominees, as is one "Jon Bonfanti" --- I'm wondering (suspecting it is) if that's supposed to be "Jim" Bonfanti?

I'm just finding out about this (if the info has been posted before, I missed it), and since the date is so close, I thought I'd post the info for anyone interested (the CEC website listed link posted above has contact information if you have questions).

The event is Sunday, March 25, 2007, in Cleveland, presented by the Cleveland Entertainment Coalition (CEC), hosted by The Agora and with the legendary "Peanuts" as MC. I don't know if all the nominees will attend, but it's a fabulous list with some amazing Cleveland musicians on it.

Details from the website are below:


The Cleveland Entertainment Coalition Presents

The 2nd Annual Cleveland Icon Perseverance Awards

"Cleveland Honoring its Own"

Hosted by

The World Famous Agora

Master of Cermonies


"The Host of the North Coast"

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Doors open at 6:30 PM

Show: 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Tickets: $20.00

Available at all TicketMaster Locations and the Agora Box office

Membership Discount: 50% off ticket price (limit of 2 per member)

Contact the CEC at 216-322-8881 or email webmaster@clevelandec.org for discount

Featuring Perfomances by:

Alex Razayeski & Vincent Fondale (featuring Nostalgia Cleveland)


Justin Geraci


KB and the Riptides

TBS (with guest Mike Calhoun)

Teacher Recognition Award

KB Spork

Youth Recognition Award

Julian Pavone

This Year's Nominees are:


Butch Armstrong Jimmy Fox Dale Peters

Ralphe Armstrong Sammy Free Bill Pettijohn

Mark Avsec Neil Giraldo Tommy Rich

Alex Bevan Alan Greene Ted Riser

Jon Bonfanti Mike Hudson Bennie Schegel

Vince Broncaccio Chrissie Hynde Gene Schwartz

Wally Bryson Terry Hynde Glenn Schwartz

Chris Butler Steve Jochum Eric Singer

Frank Camp Carlos Jones Dave Smalley

John Caprix Phil Keaggy Rich Spina

Denny Carleton David Krauss Frankie Starr

Eric Carmen Dennis Lewin Cy Sulak

Bob Caruso Lonnie Love Billy Sulivan

Bill Constable Tracie Marie Dave Thomas

Bennie D’Agostino Larry Meese Norman Tischler

Bobby Dillinger Bill “Mr. Stress†Miller Joe Walsh

Tommy Dobeck Jim Miller Charlie Weiner

Bill Emery Dan Pecchio George Yunis

Paul Fayrewether Neil Zaza


Deanna Adams John Gorman Norm N. Nite

Paula Balish Michael Heaton Mike Olszewski

Jim Benson Jeff Kinzbach Peanuts

Dick Blake Betty Korvan John “Mr. Leonard†Rio

Chuck Collier Matt “the Cat†Lapczynski Denny Sanders

Kenny Crumpton Bill Louis Murray Saul

Lisa Dillon Larry Marrow John Soeder

Trapper Jack Elliot Jeff Niesel Kid Leo Travagliante

Bill Freeman Don Webster

Industry Leaders

Jules Belkin Dave Helton Mark Reese

Michael Belkin Gary Jurist Bill “Silver B†Richards

Brad Bell Bob Kasarda Bruce Seifert

Jason Braceland Larry Koval Kathy Simkoff

Dennis Bulone John Latimer Rick Spiar

Mike Crisevne Ronny Love Kenneth Stover

Mike Dragus Packey Malley Bill Szymczyk

Beth Gladen Mike Manoccio Belloyd Taylor

Adam Gordon Walt Masky Walt Tiburski

Daffy Dan Gray Jim Mileti Tommy Wiggins

Jeff Hair Anthony Nickelidus Kirk Yano

Bill Peters



Don Krider smile

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