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Okay, we are all correct! I just checked on my CD collection. "The Best of Eric Carmen" includes it and "The Definitive Collection " has it, too.

The difference being, that the "Best Of" has only EC songs and the "DC" has five Raspberries songs and thirteen EC songs (interestingly, NOT included on this set is "Hungry Eyes", which I'm sure has something to do with the Dirty Dancing people).

Good call, Ted, as I forgot it was on there,too. So, to answer the question, it is not on any regular EC CD, but is available on two of his collections sets.

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I really remember this.I bought "The Best Of Eric Carmen" on tape on Arista sans "MMLC" and returned it later that week for another copy that had it. (I argued with a clerk at the store "The Wiz" that I wanted the newer version and would contact corporate if she didn't make good-I won and got a new and improved one.) Eric had had his first hit in years with "Hungry Eyes" and Arista put out "MMLC" as a single followup which the radio stations jumped on as much for the inertia that it was a followup to a smash in addition to the fact that it was a great single.VH1 even played the video in heavy rotation.I always surmised that Eric did not have a major label contract at the time,and this was an "orphan" single appearing on no album except the next two greatest hits compilations ("Best Of' and "Definitive"). Unfortunately Eric did not follow "MMLC" with another big hit and I could be wrong-but- I think "I Was Born To Love You" was his first album of new material following this song and his last album since-Ira.

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"Definitive Collection" was released in 1997 on CD by Arista.

Their are two versions of "Best Of Eric Carmen" (a totally different collection) on Arista, both released on LP and CD --- the first, released in 1987, did not contain "Make Me Lose Control". Arista had rushed out "Best Of" to capture interest caused by "Hungry Eyes" (which was a single on RCA, but is included on "Best Of" and "Definitive").

Arista asked Eric for a single (he was not under contract at the time) and that became "MMLC" --- then MMLC was added to "Best Of" when it was rush reissued in 1988, this time with liner notes by David Wild of Rolling Stone magazine. The two "Best Of" collections have different product numbers.

It got pretty darn complicated in CD stores because both versions of the "Best Of" CD started appearing in the CD bins together for a while, even while Arista was advertising "Best Of" as featuring Eric's new single "Make Me Lose Control"...

Don smile

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