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A Holiday Gift... (you complete the story)


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It's the holidays (no specific one mentioned, so as not to offend anyone). You're alone, curled up in front of the fire reading a good book on a cold winter's night. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. You get up and peer through the window to see who it is, but the swirling blowing snow makes it difficult for you to see anything. You open the door and in comes a blast of freezing air. In the midst of the black night and the snow stands Eric. You ask him in. He tells you he's come to bring you a present. And it is......? wink

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Ok, I mean business now, I'll finish the story.

Eric Carmen knocks on the door, KNOCK! knock! knock!

She runs to the door opens the door, hello. I know who you are, her jaws drop down, eye's bulging out practicaly.

Meanwhile Eric is cold and covered with snow from head to toes.

Let me take your coat off and take your gloves and boots and place them by the fireplace.

She asks him, "would you like a drink, coffee or hot chococlate"?

Eric replies, "coffee thank you"

Eric finds a place to sit down next to the fireplace.

She yells out at him, "Oh by the way, make yourself at home"

Eric replies,"I will do that, thank you".

She comes in with the coffee and sits down accross from Eric.

Eric fixes his drink up.

The talk begins, between the both of them.

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"Enough Talk!", Eric shouts. "I need help finishing my new CD. I have a bunch of half written songs I need help with. The wife and kids are driving me musically crazy! I need you Tony and I to go into the Carmen Studio Bunker and co-write and produce this project and we don't come out until we create a CD so good, that those damn Canadians will get off my friggin' back!"

That is my grown-up Christmas wish...

But with my luck, Eric would probably just open his trenchcoat, flash me, and run off in the snow...

Now that would be a nice gift for Michelle or Darlene. But for me?...Been there, done that. eek

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Eric says: Mike, I've decided it's time that we do a final Raspberries album. Along the lines of "Side 3". We wanna record it at your studio. When can we start? Mike says HOLY S*&^%#$, Marie .. call & cancel everyone, clear the calender. You guys can start now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now.

Yeah .. dream on big fella!

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Lead sheets for all the songs he's been working on, some completed, some half-written, some fragments. Then he says "I have all my equipment to bring in," and I say "Perfectly alright, bring it all in." All the equipment in, I take his coat, and sit him by the fire and hand him a steaming cup of hot chocolate, and.......just leave him alone. After a while of just relaxing, he goes into my music room and leisurely sets up his equipment and says that I'm allowed to listen as he works. Since this is a WinterDream Fantasy, he completes everything like magic in a short time, and then sings it all, right there, and I sit for hours without moving a muscle.

What a Winter Dream!

smile --Darlene

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June, You know that big winter storm that came to New Jersey and the rest of the Middle Atlantic states up to New England came from Cleveland! We missed our opportunity to act out this "Holiday Gift" scenario(see beginning of this thread begun by "Lost Control" Michelle)!

The way the storm blew in, I thought Eric was going to blow in right with it--(Michelle has a GREAT imagination!), then June could have taken my place in the Winter Dream Fantasy. Oh well, maybe the next snowstorm...(Kirk, here may come an opportunity for that Holiday Gift video for you after all...)June, get ready...and remember, leave him alone...!

smile --Darlene

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OK folks, I’m going for gold.

It’s one of those brutal nor’easter winter snow storms. I had Winter Dreams softly playing on the Bose music system in the background.

The doorbell rings. Startled, I check my Ring security and ask who it is. He says, “I’m Eric Carmen and I use to live in this house a few years ago.  Can I come in and dry off and see how it looks now? I also have a present for the new homeowner.” (BTW, I bought Eric’s home in Gates Mills.) I open the door and the snow is coming in as Eric steps over the threshold. He says, “Thank you so much. This home holds so many memories. ”

I take his soaked coat and hang it to dry. Offering him something warm to drink and the dinner I had just taken out of the oven, he settles into the sofa and relaxes.

Since the electricity is starting to fail, I have the fireplaces going, as well as countless flameless candles throughout the house. The ambiance is perfect.  

We eat and talk about why he is in Ohio and then he looks over to see the piano I have placed just as he had it. He asks, “Do you play?” I nod, yes. “Would you mind if I played something?” "Of course not," I say.

He plays some of his songs as we observe how the weather is not letting up. I say, “You can’t drive now as the roads are totally closed.”

Make yourself at home I tell him. So, you said you have a present?

“Oh yes.” He smiles and takes some CDs from his bag. He then fans the CDs on the table and says, “These are all the unreleased demos that no one has ever heard.” At that moment I am overjoyed.

As we listen to his songs we are enveloped by a warmth other than from the fireplace. When the music has ended I say, “This is the best snowstorm of my life.” “ I think so too,” he says. “Let’s go back to Winter Dreams. I Wanna Take Forever Tonight.” And it begins…



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