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In today's Chicago Reader, which is a very popular local weekly paper, with a large separate section covering music, live theatre, films, etc. there is an absolutely stunning article on the group written by Bob Mehr.

The group is first mentioned in "The List-Music" which notes by day the major shows and lists the Raspberries show on Saturday as a "Critics Choice". A few pages later in a section called "The Treatment" which has short articles/comments on the shows by day there is an article about the group below a picture of the lads performing at one of the two Cleveland shows. It is once again noted as a "Critics Choice". I have typed the article below. Some of the comments are just stunning. Enjoy.

The recent re-formation of Cleveland pop legends the Raspberries is the most unlikely concert event this side of the Pixies reunion last year ----and, for those who regard power pop as a religion, a moment on par with the Second Coming. The group broke up in 1974, after a postshow fistfight between singer Eric Carmen and guitarist Wally Bryson in a Chicago parking lot; ever since, they’ve been unfairly deemed a lesser contemporary of the likes of Big Star and Badfinger. Their Tiger Beat good looks and early affinity for white leisure suits discouraged critics from taking them seriously; it didn’t help that Carmen pursued solo success in the late 70’s and 80’s as a hairy-chested AOR god, or that Capitol was disinterested in keeping Raspberries albums in print in the U.S. Yet their music remains the gold standard for all power-pop bands: the group’s epochal Who-Beach Boys pastiche “Go All the Way†is untoppable, but each of their four albums, recorded in a remarkable two-year burst between 1972 and 1974, is studded with exquisite highlights. The reunion was originally planned as a one-off hometown gig in November, but the success of the concert ---which sold out in minutes—encouraged the group to consider a tour. (This’ll be their first show outside Cleveland since.) Their set list leans heavily on the hits but also includes songs from the pre-Raspberries combo the Choir and some Beatles and Who chestnuts. The Drysdales open.

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