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Over the last few months I've been in conversation with the music critic of the Calgary newspaper about the 'berries. He knew of my many travels to see the band, and was intrigued by this 30+ year old spell the band had cast on me. Though he was fairly familiar with Eric's solo career, all he knew of the band was "Go All he Way." I was more than happy to initiate a possible influential media member to the band, so I made him a copy of 22 songs which I considered to be the 'best of Raspberries', and sent it to him last week.

Yesterday he called me to say that he was "totally impressed" and "blow away by the melodocism and talent of the band." No kidding? He said that he's going to find a way to work a review or story of the band into his regular music column. If the band does make it to print here in Calgary, I'll make sure to send everyone a link.


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At the risk of making new enemies, here is the cd that I sent to the music critic at the Calgary Herald:

1. Go All the Way

2. Come Around and See Me

3. Don't Want to Say Goodbye

4. I Saw the Light

5. I Wanna Be With You

6. I Reach For the Light

7. Let's Pretend

8. Every Way I Can

9. Nobody Knows

10. It Seemed So Easy

11. Drivin' Around

12. If You Change Your Mind

13. Tonight

14. Last Dance

15. On the Beach

16. Ecstacy

17. Should I Wait

18. Overnight Sensation

19. Party's Over

20. I Don't Know What I Want

21. Cruisin' Music

22. Play On

If I had more room on the disc, I would have added "Goin' Nowhere Tonight" (just because of that killer bridge which I believe was Eric's contribution to the song), "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine", "Cry", and "Hard to Get Over A Heartbreak."

Flame away.


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We thought about a big sign on the truck which would have said "Follow us to the best Rock & Roll concert in the country" but we figured with the truck's top speed of 65 (downhill with tailwind) everyone would think the concert was going to happen around Thanksgiving not NEXT FRIDAY IN LA!!

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Just received these further comments from the music critic here in Calgary:


Hey Marvin, I'm REALLY digging this Raspberries disc. Thanks so much AGAIN. I'm surprised at how McCartneyesque much of it is, and I mean that in a good way. I'm a huge McCartney fan.



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