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Top 5 Vocalists

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I've had this book since the mid-1980s and I'm sure it's long out-of-print. It's "The New Music" by Glenn A. Baker and Stuart Coupe.

It was published in Australia in 1980 by Bay Books and in the U. S. in an oversized paperback in 1981 by Harmony Books.

It's a great power pop/new wave book if you can find it, with rare, full-color photos of the artists. On page 68 is a a full-color shot of Eric Carmen playing guitar dressed in a purple shirt and purple pants during the solo years --- very cool.

On page 67, is the info Eric's fans will enjoy. The opening paragraph on Eric says:

"Eric Carmen, 'The Prince Of Pop,' is an artist of extraordinary talent and appalling direction. At his best he is one of the five greatest pop vocalists of the past 25 years...."

They love Eric's first solo LP, but they call his second and third LPs "dreary." They have huge praise for the "Tonight You're Mine" album (new when the book was released in 1980), saying "he returned to the sexual energy of the Raspberries, notably on the title track and 'Sleep With Me.' The single, 'It Hurts Too Much,' like The Knack's 'The Feeling I Get,' is a rather tasty musical tribute to Phil Spector's 'Wall of Sound.'"

The writers appear to be huge Raspberries fans:

"The Raspberries dispensed majestic, exhilarating, soaring teen-rock, liberally influenced by British-invasion sounds... Perceptive writers hailed them as 'the saving grace of rock 'n' roll'..."

Overall, a favorable book, if you can find it.

Don smile

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