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From the Crew

Roadie #3

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On behalf of the entire original road crew members (myself, Rusty & Kevin) and the new guys, Marc and Artie we want to thank the fans for never letting go and showing Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim how important this reunion was. We know that it was an extremely exciting evening for all of you and we want you to know we felt the same way. Working with all of the boys four the past 3 months has been great. More than once it has reminded me of how things were in the early days before the BS started. Rehearsals were fun and the results of this past Friday showed that everyone is "older and wiser".

Just some personal notes:

Eric, Wal, Dave, and Jim what can we say, you know how we feel (tired).

Rusty and Kevin, it was the best, can’t wait to do it again.

For me personally, it was fantastic to work with Wally again. It is my opinion that he is the best rock and roll guitarist in the world. Nobody plays rock and roll like Wal.

To the other original road crew members who were not able to make it Al, Kent and Neil we did miss you and hope to see you soon.

Lastly, a special thanks to Pete who mixed the front of the house and did a fantastic job with only one full rehearsal under his belt (just coming off the Bowie tour) and Kirk who did the monitor mix which was superb.

And not to forget Billy, Paul and Jen; I can not tell you what a pleasure it has been to work with you on this project. Thank you

Bernie and Ken thanks for your input.

So from the OLD Crew to all of you THANKS for helping to make last Friday a reality and we hope to see you New Years and hopefully more dates to come

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You guys worked your tails off all night. i was very very impressed (i was towards the front in the pit) with the backstage workings and the constant vigilance to everything! Cords, mikes, guitars, drinks, towels, mix,.....e gads, how do you do it!!!?????

plus the times i caught you looking at the band with such admiration and satifaction. You rocked.

thanks and i hope I get to see you do it again


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