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10 favorite songs by bands that influenced the Raspberries......


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'Let Him Run Wild'...Beach Boys

'Till I Die'....Beach Boys

'It Won't Be Long' and 'Wait'...Beatles

'Look Thru Any Window'....Hollies

'Nothing But A Heartache'..Flirtations

'Our Love Was' and Armenia 'City In The Sky' The Who

'Tin Soldier'...Small Faces

'Whenever You're Ready'...The Zombies

Also Ira... forgot to thank you for sending me that great youtube of 'I Can't Let Go'...that a great one!

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Hollies65 - That's an excellent list there...Mine would be:

Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby, She's Not The Little Girl I Once Knew;

Beatles - Ticket To Ride, You're Gonna Lose That Girl;

Left Banke - Walk Away Renee, She May Call You Up Tonight;

Hollie - Look Thru Any Window;

Small Faces - Tin Soldier;

Searchers - When You Walk In The Room; and

The Who - Pictures of Lily

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Care of Cell 44...Zombies

The Day That Curly Billy Shot Down Crazy Sam McGee...Hollies

I Can See For Miles...WHO

Hymn to Me...Brinsley Shwarz

God Only Knows...Beach Boys

Here, There and Everywhere...Beatles

Everybody I Love You...CSN&Y

Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies...Association

Surfer Dan...Turtles

I have NO idea if all of these groups influenced Eric and the guys specifically. BUT...these tunes do belong is a basket of goodies that includes many of those recorded by the Raspberries. I stayed on 'instruction'...listing only 1 [favourite] song per 'act'. Obviously I have several more for each of them. cool

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I don't recall any mention of The Zombies in "Marathon Man", while the Left Banke is brought up several times. (He even mentions that he tried to write a Left Banke-type song - the unreleased "Cindy In The Wind", which sounds like it could have been on the LB's first album). Additionally, Eric covered "Walk Away Renee" on Winter Dreams. I suspect he likes/loves both bands, but I've personally always felt that the Left Banke and their baroque rock were a pretty big influence on his music. I immediately thought "Left Banke" when I heard "Go All The Way" the first time...(as well as Beach Boys and Beatles).

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for Raspberries' sake i'd pick:

1. THE BEATLES- Please Please Me

2. SMALL FACES- Tin Soldier

3. SMALL FACES- Afterglow

4. LEFT BANKE- Walk Away Renee

5. BEACH BOYS- She Knows Me Too Well

6. THE WHO- Can't Explain

7. THE BEATLES- I'll Be Back

8. HOLLIES- I Can't Let Go

9. BEACH BOYS- God Only Knows

10. TURTLES- Can I Get To Know You Better

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